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gretl changelog

We also have a log of backward-incompatible changes.

Version 2018a  
Version 2017d
Version 2017c
Version 2017b
Version 2017a
Version 2016d
Version 2016c
Version 2016b
Version 2016a
Version 2015d
Version 1.10.2
Version 1.10.1
Version 1.10.0
Version 1.9.92
Version 1.9.91
Version 1.9.90
Version 1.9.14
Version 1.9.13
Version 1.9.12
Version 1.9.11
Version 1.9.10
Version 1.9.9
Version 1.9.8
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Version 1.9.4
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Version 1.5.1
Version 1.5.0
Version 1.4.1
Version 1.4.0
Version 1.3.3
Version 1.3.2
Version 1.3.1
Version 1.3.0
Version 1.2.9
Version 1.2.7
Version 1.2.6
Version 1.2.5
Version 1.2.4
Version 1.2.3
Version 1.2.2
Version 1.2.1
Version 1.2.0
Version 1.1.6
Version 1.1.5
Version 1.1.4
Version 1.1.3
Version 1.1.2
Version 1.1.1
Version 1.1.0
Version 1.0.9
Version 1.0.8
Version 1.0.7
Version 1.0.6
Version 1.0.5
Version 1.0.4
Version 1.0.3
Version 1.0.2
Version 1.0.1
version 2018b, in progress
- Substantial speed-up of AR(I)MA estimation, using
  Melard's algorithm AS 197; also improvements to the
  initialization for such estimation
- Fixes for GUI model specification dialog: breakage in
  selection of GARCH robust variance estimator variant,
  and non-availability of lag selection in some cases
  where it should be available
- Fix bug: "omit" command not working for dynamic panel
- Fix bug: saved argument lists for function packages
  getting out of sync with the user-selected interface
- Fix bug: command-line refinements for the "graphpg"
  command subject to bitrot
- Fix bug: crash on Windows when using Tab key in the data
  editor window
- Fix bug: crash in "modprint" under some conditions
- When R_functions is set "on", accept call to an R function
  without assignment of the return value, if any

 2018-03-17 Version 2018a [Back to top]
- New function instring(): boolean variant of strstr()
- "join" command: add --aggr=spread option for importing
  high frequency data for use in MIDAS analysis
- strsplit() function: add optional third argument to choose
  the separator on which to split strings
- mreverse() function: make this work for a list argument
- hpfilt() function: add option of one-sided filter
- svm() function: better handling of missing values, and add
  support for probability estimation
- cdf() function and friends: add support for Laplace
- R-function support: handle string arguments
- rename some functions: colnames becomes cnameset, rownames
  becomes rnameset, and colname becomes cnameget; the old
  names still work as aliases
- New function rnameget(), strictly analogous to cnameget()
- Fix bug: setting of a series as "discrete" via the GUI got
- Fix bug: the --www option for opening a database file got
- Error messages from X13-ARIMA: try to relay these to the
  user more effectively
- "arima" command: big speed-up for exact ML estimation of
  specifications without an AR component
- "heckit" command: add selection equation regressor list to
  $model bundle under the key "zlist"
- "xtab" command: add --quiet option and enable accessors
  $test and $pvalue for the Pearson chi-square test in the
  bivariate case
- "difftest" command: add --quiet option
- "smpl" command: add --quiet option
- "foreign" command, python interface: add support for fast
  data transfer via binary matrix files
- CSV data reader: support date format YYYY-Qq for quarterly
- Kalman filter documentation: add an example, one-sided
  Hodrick-Prescott filter in the manner of Stock and Watson
- GUI: tabbed script editor option: make this the default
- GUI convenience: add facility to generate 100-based indices
  of selected series
- GUI plot editor: support selection of dash patterns for
  plots using lines
- GUI file chooser for "Open data": remember the last chosen
  file type and set the filter accordingly
- Build fix: correct undefined symbol in cephes/iv.c
- Boxplots: fix for incorrect extent of "whiskers" in some
- Boxplots: fix for "collapse" of boxplot when edited in
  the GUI, if the locale decimal separator is ','
- GUI fix: the iterate option for groupwise weighted least
  squares (Model/Panel menu) had become disconnected
- GUI fix: plot with confidence band could go wrong in the
  presence of missing values
- Windows fix: error on trying to save a record of executed
  commands on program exit
- Several refinements for configuring and building gretl on
  MS Windows
- Windows packages: update to gtk 2.24.32
- OS X fix: intra-program drag-and-drop provoked crash
- translations: add simplified Chinese

 2017-11-07 Version 2017d [Back to top]
- New accessor, $tmax: gives the maximum legal setting for
  the end of the sample range via "smpl"
- $model bundle: add members t1 and t2 (start and end of
  estimation range)
- New function getinfo(): returns a bundle with information
  on a specified series
- New function cdummify(): applies to a list, with the effect
  of "dummifying" any and all series in the list that have
  the "coded" attribute set
- New function numhess() to compute numerical Hessian; also
  improve accuracy of the underlying numerical_hessian code
- "pca" command and princomp() function: center but do not
  standardize when computing principal components using the
  covariance matrix
- "midasreg" command, mds() term: allow specification of min
  and max lags via scalar variables
- psdroot() function: use improved algorithm (from Golub and
  Van Loan)
- fdjac() function: add (optional) trailing argument to set
  step size
- randgen() function (and related): add support for the
  Exponential distribution
- CSV importation: improved handling of quote symbols
- Fix bug: incorrect standard errors when the --robust option
  is given for random-effects panel estimator in presence
  of missing values
- Fix bug: rename() function not working on Windows when
  the target filename already exists
- Fix Windows-specific bug: long strings could get "lost" in
  printf and sprintf
- Fix bug: on repeated estimation of a given arima model in
  a function one might get slightly different results
- Fix for Windows XP: produce a build of gnuplot that does
  not depend on API introduced in later Windows versions
- Fix for Mac: try to ensure the default font is not too big
  when printing a script
- Fix for text search on Windows: try to ensure the found
  text is actually scrolled into view
- GUI: enable a tabbed editor for foreign scripts
- GUI: fix breakage in function-package search facility
- GUI: fix crash on requesting "Numerical summary" for panel
  groups boxplot
- GUI: fix for GUI editing of MIDAS plots
- GUI: improve font-selection dialogs, including a "Reset to
  default" option
- GUI: don't show duplicates in the database browser window;
  in case of duplicates just show the newest version
- Build process: enable use of "configure ; make" when
  building gretl on Windows using MSYS2
- Experimental: add support for machine learning via SVM:

 2017-07-18 Version 2017c [Back to top]
- MIDAS support: several small fixes and refinements
- "panel" command: add an --unbalanced option to inflect
  random effects estimation for unbalanced panels
- Extend the $ahat accessor to support retrieval of the
  individual effects from random effects panel data models
- Rename the $fcerr accessor as $fcse (but keep $fcerr as an
- Creation of lists: support '?' as wildcard standing for a
  single character
- GUI: add "Packages" item under the Help menu: basic info on
  Addons and contributed function packages
- GUI: add an easy way to scale both the menu font and the
  monospaced font for formatted output
- GUI: move the file-related function-package items from
  the Tools menu to the File menu
- GUI: move the Preferences submenu to the top of the Tools
- GUI: increase the default size of the main window somewhat
- GUI: forecast window, add button: enable saving of forecast
  standard errors when available
- GUI: add display of name of working directory
- GUI editor for "foreign" scripts: some usability enhance-
- library: add some internal functions to support operations
  on complex matrices using LAPACK
- library: add functionality to make use of an mpi block
  from a function package as seamless as possible
- Fix buglet re. text coloring in script output window
- Tweak naming of auto-generated list for midasreg in the
  GUI program
- Fix bug: failure on repeated assignment of a constant
  string under a bundle key in a loop
- Fix bug: "Up to date" indicator for function packages got
- Fix bug: "boxplot" command with matrix argument: should
  default to plotting all columns
- Fix bug: nested calls to a given function were failing in
  cases where the inner call occurred at the second or higher
  argument slot
- Fix bug: the seq() function not producing correct output with
  decreasing arguments
- Fix bug: crash when viewing forecasts with confidence
  intervals under Russian translation
- MS Windows: upgrade to mkstemp() for tmp file creation (was
  missing from mingw)

 2017-05-26 Version 2017b [Back to top]
- "gnuplot" and "plot" commands: support --font option for
   PDF, EPS and EMF output
- "rename" command: add a --quiet option
- "arma" command: support --robust (QML) option
- "mle" command: support the --cluster robust option
- "midasreg" command: several fixes and enhancements
- "modprint" command: accept an array of strings as the
  "names" argument
- Allow adding lists as such to bundles
- fcstats() function: expand the accepted set of arguments
  (mix series and vectors, handle multiple forecasts)
- New function deflist() for defining a list (of named
- New function defbundle() for initializing a bundle
- New function xmlget() for extracting data from an XML
  buffer (similar to jsonget)
- New function smplspan() to determine the number of
  observations within a specified time-series range
- New function GSSmax(): one-dimensional maximization via
  Golden Section search
- GUI: revamp Time series model menu and ARIMA specification
- Fix bug: some operations that check status of a model's
  list of regressors failing inside functions, or when a
  model was estimated with no printed output
- Fix bug: ensure that the $model accessor (bundle) is
  available to function packages that attach to a model
- Fix bug: breakage in column headings for the printout of
  multinomial outcome probabilities in GUI
- Fix bug: "catch" failing in loops under certain conditions
- Fix bug: plot with the --band option could fail in locales
  that use the decimal comma
- Validate $-bundles as legitimate function arguments

 2017-04-15 Version 2017a [Back to top]
- Improved parsing for the member-of relation, on both
  the left- and right-hand side of hansl statements
- Calendar: ensure that the Gregorian calendar is used
  consistently but add some optional support for handling
  Julian dates (also add a User's Guide chapter on this)
- xls, xlsx, ods and gnumeric data importers: handle string
  data (this facility extended from the CSV importer)
- Remove obsolete Kalman-filter interface
- Sequential numbering of models: skip models estimated
  with the --quiet flag and also those estimated within
- Deprecate "=" as obsolete synonym for boolean "=="
- New functions kmeier() and naalen() for nonparametric
  estimation of survivor and hazard functions
- Add normtest() function: works much like the "normtest"
  command, but handles vectors as well as series
- Add ecdf() function to compute the empirical CDF for a
  series or vector
- New function npcorr() for nonparametric correlation,
  either Kendall's tau or Spearman's rho
- bwrite() function for writing bundles as XML: support
  gzip compression if the filename has the ".gz" extension
- typeof() function: document it, and extend it to cover
  members of bundles and arrays
- "include" command: make it respect the "catch" flag, and
  add a --force option to force re-reading of gfn files
- "corr" command: add a --plot=filename option; also add
  --matrix option to take data from a named matrix
- "gnuplot" and "plot" commands: add a --font option
- "fcast" command: in the case of the --rolling option,
  accept the name of a scalar variable for the steps-ahead
  argument; also respect the last observation specification
  in all cases
- "tsls" command: calculate Sargan test in overidentified
  case even when there are no endogenous regressors, to allow
  "difference in Sargan" test
- "modtest" command with --autocorr or --arch option, as
  applied to VAR/VECM: switch from per-equation tests to
  multivariate tests as described in Lutkepohl's 2005 book,
  but add a --univariate option to give per-equation tests
- "var" and "vecm": enable the --window (-w) option to show
  results in a window from script execution
- "hausman" command: add options --nerlove and --matrix-diff
  to inflect the random effects estimator and calculation
  of the Hausman test statistic
- Principal Components window in GUI: support selection of
  a specific number of components to save as series
- ARMA models in GUI: add menu item to view plot of spectrum
  versus sample periodogram
- Fix bug: functions failing to return loop-index value
- Fix bug: couldn't assign to an array member of a bundle
- Fix bug: multiple X-Y scatterplots could fail when using
  long variable names
- Fix bug: the matrix-oriented version of the "restrict"
  command would fail when only the constant was restricted
- Fix bug: reading of gzipped matrix files via mread() was
  much slower than necessary for large matrices
- Fix bug: couldn't read .mat (matrix) files generated by R
  on Windows when they contained NaN values
- Fix bug: closing the function package browser while a
  package is running could cause a crash
- Fix bug: possibly misaligned labels when doing a group-
  means scatterplot using panel data
- Fix bug: "outfile" command with --buffer option was
  failing on MS Windows
- Update documentation for inlist() function
- Update translated Command Reference PDF files for Italian
  and Portuguese
- Add Galician (Galego) translation of the online Function
- User's Guide: add a chapter on degrees of freedom
  correction for standard errors and related statistics
- Build for Mac OS X: update the bundled GTK stack
- Builds for MS Windows: update compiler to gcc 5.4.0

 2016-11-19 Version 2016d [Back to top]
- New commands to support MIDAS: "midasreg" and "hfplot"
- New MIDAS-related functions: hfdiff(), hfldiff(), hflags(),
  hflist(), mgradient(), mlincomb() and mweights()
- Add sample MIDAS datafile, gdp_midas.gdt, and accompanying
  illustrative script, gdp_midas.inp
- New function BFGSmaxc() for constrained maximization using
  L-BFGS-B, version 3.0
- New maximization function NMmax() (Nelder-Mead "amoeba")
- New function cnumber() to get Belsley's condition number
- Small fixes for --compact=spread and new lags() options
- "qlrtest" command: enable --quiet option
- "nls" command: make --verbose output more informative
- "modtest" command: add --xdepend option for Pesaran's CD
  test of cross-sectional dependence in panel-data models
- "gnuplot" and "plot": add "bars" option for plotting a
  confidence band with error bars
- "pca" command: restore facility to skip missing observations
  rather than flagging an error
- "fcast" command: add a --stats-only option to print the
  forecast evaluation statistics without the actual forecasts
- "outfile" command: add a --buffer option to divert output
  to a string variable
- median() function: accept a list argument, as with mean()
- GUI main window popup menu: add option to check for
  collinearity when two or more series are selected
- GUI function package browser: add last-modified date to
  the information shown; remove option to edit packages
- The option of using the Box-Muller method for generating
  random normals is now removed
- The Mersenne Twister code is updated to SFMT 1.4.1, and the
  generation of random normals is speeded up
- Add and document a $model accessor which retrieves a bundle
  containing information regarding a single-equation model
- Matrix manipulation syntax: allow use of negative indices to
  drop specified rows/columns
- Fix an issue where gretl might fail to read back a gdt data
  file written by itself
- Fix for sort() and dsort() as applied to row or column
  vectors: if row or column names are present, keep them
  aligned with the original values
- Fix breakage in "dataset renumber" command
- Fix breakage in "modtest" command with --white option
- gig addon: fix an off-by-one bug
- Fix bug: potential crash in GUI filter plot with very long
  series name
- Fix bug: non-interactive calling of R from gretl on Windows
  got broken somehow
- Fix: return 1 rather than NA for chi-square p-value in case
  of underflow
- Fix bug in mcorr() function: correlations between constants
  should be NaNs, not zeros
- Fix bug: potential crash with the "delete" command on a
  list which contains duplicated series
- Installers for Windows, Mac: include fuller set of PDF docs
- MS Windows builds: update to gtk-2.24.30, update libffi

 2016-07-06 Version 2016c [Back to top]
- Add Ukrainian translation
- Major revision of the user interface to the Kalman filter
  and state space modeling
- New function dropcoll() to expunge collinear terms from a
  list of series
- lags() function: accept a vector for the first argument
- New variable under the "set" command: "force_qr" forces
  the use of QR decomposition in the "ols" command
- Add new --band option to the "gnuplot" and "plot" commands,
  for plotting confidence bands and the like
- "gmm", "mle" and "nls" commands: document the previously
  hidden "param_names" keyword
- "nls" command: add --no-gradient-check option, as in "mle"
- "append" command: add --fixed-sample option: restricts the
  operation to "sideways" appending of new series
- "data" command, --compact option: add new mode, "spread"
- Writing and reading files via commands and functions: ensure
  that the gretl "working directory" is respected if an
  absolute path is not given
- Fix spurious "no numeric conversion" message emitted by
  some plot editing operations
- Lags button for exogenous variables in VARs: ensure it's
  sensitive when it's supposed to be
- Add Nile flow dataset to the package, plus a sample script
  that estimates the Local Level model
- Function package DTD: make "tags" element mandatory; plus
  add offline tags list to GUI package editor
- Fix bug: crash on malformed "genr" expression with only a
  type name
- Fix bug: crash with the "mpols" command when the dependent
  variable is a constant
- Fix bug: gnuplot error on selecting "loess fit" via the
  GUI plot editor when the plot already has a fitted line
- Fix bug: the transpose-multiply operator (') now respects
- gig: add variance forecasting (only residual-based for APARCH
  so far)
- Miscellaneous smaller bug fixes

 2016-04-14 Version 2016b [Back to top]
- "panel" command, random-effects version: show an overall
  Wald chi-square test on the named regressors; also support
  the --robust option
- "dataset" command: expose and document the "pad-daily"
- "vecm" command: clarify the options available when specify-
  ing a restriction on beta via matrices R and q
- Commands that produce both textual output and plots: add
  a --plot option to control the format of the plot
- GUI help text: make references to the Gretl User's Guide
  chapter-specific, and make the file open at the specified
  chapter if the PDF viewer supports that functionality
- GUI "view code" option for function packages: avoid slow
  loading of big code buffers
- GUI plot editor: enable selection of point size for graph
  styles that use points
- Internal code: introduce several optimizations to speed up
  execution of complex scripts
- "foreign" language mechanism: add basic support for Julia
  (including editing and execution of Julia programs)
- build: try harder to respect --disable-nls (though this is
  very difficult nowadays)
- Fix bug: crash on performing some matrix transformations
  using the GUI "icon view"
- Fix bug: broken format in output of actual versus forecast
  values in some cases
- Fix bug: CSV import failing in locales that use decimal
  comma when file uses decimal comma and also '.' as thousands
- Fix bug: handling of "missingness" in imported daily data
  not working quite right
- Fix bug: "omit" command with --auto option failing for
  ordered logit/probit models
- Fix bug: potential crash in printing the results of a
  random-effects probit model with small RE variance
- Fix bug: GUI access to nonparametric models was broken
- Fix bug: not flagging an error when given a broken right-
  hand side specification in the "restrict" command
- Fix bug: matrix-form restrictions on VECM model not being
  accepted even when valid, in some cases
- Fix bug: partial parsing of command line when blocked by a
  false if-condition could give rise to spurious errors
- Fix bugs: some subtle fail conditions for saving compiled
  loops onto functions
- OS X (quartz) build: update to GTK 2.24.29, and fix a GTK
  issue which led to crashes on OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
- OS X (quartz) build: fix problem with gnuplot wxt window,
  add Adwaita theme, and make Adwaita the default
- Bundled gnuplot for Windows and OS X: update to 5.1 cvs as
  of March 2016
- MS Windows builds: update to OpenBLAS 0.2.18dev.

 2016-01-26 Version 2016a [Back to top]
- syntax enhancement: allow specification of type when setting
  a bundle member
- syntax enhancement: allow specification of a null default
  value for a matrix argument to a user-defined function
- script execution: save "compiled" loops in functions that
  are called repeatedly, for greater efficiency
- add exists() function, recommended as a replacement for the
  now-deprecated isnull()
- add pxnobs() function: gives the number of valid cross-
  sectional observations on a given series in each period
- pxsum() function: revise this to skip missing values
- the gretl array type: document the array() and defarray()
- "arima" command: allow ARIMA(0,1,0) without constant
- "heckit" command: allow clustered standard errors
- "reset" command: add --silent option
- "store" command and GUI "Export data" menu item: add option
  to save data in Stata's binary format (dta version 113)
- "funcerr" keyword: allow use of a string variable to provide
  the message to be printed
- Improve handling of string-valued series across sub-sampling
- Improve display of string-valued series in GUI
- seasonals() function: enable this for panel data when a
  suitable imterpretation of the time dimension has been set
  via "setobs"
- Fix bug 196, Help button for HCCME misaligned in case of a
  non-MPI enabled build
- Fix bug 197, invalid "xtics" specification for some weekly
  time-series plots caused gnuplot to abort
- Fix bug: failing to detect common "missing value" strings in
  spreadsheet data importation via the GUI
- Fix for linearize() function: don't fail when tramo finds
  that the input doesn't need linearizing
- Fix bug: incorrectly sized object in ODBC data importation
  could cause a crash
- Fix bug: possible crash on importing data from a Stata dta
  file on 32-bit Windows
- Fix bug: in "hsk" the auxiliary regression should always
  include a constant, even if the base specification doesn't
- Fix bug: South-East element of intreg Hessian was buggy
  (was affecting Tobit as well)
- Fix bug: in GUI setting of dataset structure, the interpret-
  ation of stacked cross-section panel data was incorrect
- Application of "catch" to user-defined functions: drop back
  from an error to a warning, for now
- Appending daily data: don't fail when we have enough date
  information to succeed
- Improve handling of EPS plot output (including respecting
  the color/mono choice properly)
- Stata dta importer: support dta format 118 (Stata 14)
- GUI: some cosmetic fixes specific to gtk 3
- GUI script editor: implement choice of gtksourceview style
- GUI function package editor: ensure that old-style "minimum
  version" specification is read correctly; also ensure that
  appropriate line-breaks are set by the help-text editor
- MS Windows package: update to OpenBLAS 0.2.16.dev to avoid
  bug in computing eigenvalues on 64-bit Windows
- Add workaround to avoid OpenBLAS crash on matrix inversion
  when the input matrix contains NaNs
- Remove support for gnuplot < version 4.6.0

 2015-10-19 Version 2015d [Back to top]
- add varnames() function: similar to varname() but returns
  an array of strings given a list argument
- movavg() function: add option to supply a specific
  initializer for the exponential moving average; also
  enhance the corresponding GUI
- "setobs" command: provide more flexible means of setting
  panel group names when using the --panel-groups option
- "tabprint" and "eqnprint" commands: deprecate the syntax
  "-f filename" in favor of --output=filename
- "modtest" command: respect the --quiet and --silent options
  when the test is on a multi-equation model
- Document some undocumented accessor variables
- Make some error messages more specific and explicit
- Add new Function Package Guide to Help menu
- Data-editing spreadsheet: improve formatting of values
- GUI function package editor: further fixes and enhancements
- SVAR: implement Kilian's bias correction procedure properly
- Fix bug: possible data corruption on reading a gdt file
  containing subnormal values
- Fix bug: using options with the "data" command was broken
  in the GUI program

 2015-09-13 Version 1.10.2 (2015c) [Back to top]
- "install" command: add a --local option plus the ability
  to install a package from a chosen server
- "chow" command: represent the --limit-to option in the GUI
- "corrgm" command: add --bartlett option to use Bartlett
  standard errors for the ACF
- "hsk" command: add --no-squares option to emulate the
  variant of this procedure favored by Wooldridge
- "vif" command: upgrade to show Belsley-Kuh-Welsch variance
  decomposition for diagnosing collinearity
- "panel" command, fixed-effects variant: when the --robust
  option is given, substitute robust joint tests on both the
  regressors and the fixed effects
- cdf(), pdf() and invcdf() functions: add support for non-
  central variants of the chi-square, F and Student's t
- Add new function square(): returns list of squares of its
  list argument, with the option of also generating cross-
- Add new function seasonals() for "smart" generation of
  seasonal dummies, with the option of centering the dummies
- Add function pexpand() for creating a non-time varying
  panel series from a vector
- Matrix comparison: add ".!=" operator to test for element-
  wise inequality
- TRAMO interface: allow saving of "linearized" series
- Add new accessor $lang to get national language identifier
- Add Romanian translation
- Random effects probit: parallelize quadrature code
- GUI: numerous improvements and fixes for editing and
  configuring function packages
- Fix bug: the wrong F-test was being reported for the fixed
  effects estimator with the --robust option
- Fix bug: possible hang of "foreign" on Windows when using
  Rterm non-interactively
- Fix bug: bwrite() not completing until gretl exits
- Fix bug: matrix transpose (') not accepted before the colon
  of the ternary query operator
- Fix bug: model sample information not being updated when a
  sample restriction is applied with the --permanent option
- Fix bug: optional arguments to bkfilt() function not being
  recognized properly
- Fix bug: urcpval() might not update its argument when
  called inside a loop
- Fix bug: assigning "null" to a new array was not working
- Fix bug: crash when "tabprint" is used without a filename
- Fix bug: TRAMO options not always getting set as per the
  user's selection via the GUI
- Fix bug: normality test for system residuals not hooked
  up for non-time series models
- Fix bug: "open" with --odbc option not working
- MacKinnon urc p-values: much faster calculation
- MS Windows build: add option of using Clearlooks theme;
  add a new build of libcurl with SSL enabled
- OS X (quartz) build: update the packaged gnuplot build and
  add support for the "wxt" terminal

 2015-04-04 Version 1.10.1 (2015b) [Back to top]
- Fix bug: breakage in ADF test: giving more than one
  deterministics option with the "adf" command (in its basic
  form) should not provoke an error

 2015-04-02 Version 1.10.0 (2015a) [Back to top]
- Replace old command-line parser with new, faster "tokenizer"
- Add "install" command to install function packages via the
  command line
- Add "plot" command, a streamlined version of the "gnuplot"
- "chow" and "qlrtest" commands: add --limit-to option to
  restrict the break test to a subset of regressors
- "qlrtest": add new accessor $qlrbreak
- Add new function qlrpval(): gives Bruce Hansen's asymptotic
  p-values for QLR sup-Wald test
- GUI command log: make the log window more accessible, and
  make it refresh automatically
- GUI design: standardize the position of the window list
  button (top right), and make it more functional
- GUI, panel data: some improvements to plotting options
- GUI, script editor: add support for Stata scripts
- GUI, model table: support tsls models; also remember format
  preferences across gretl sessions
- "join" command: support native data files (gdt, gdtb) as well
  as delimited text files, for data importation; also support
  importing data from more than one series at a time
- "foreign" command: where the --send-data option is supported,
  add an optional list parameter to limit the exportation to
  a named list of series
- "data" command: fix incorrect importation of series with
  lower frequency than the current dataset; also add an
  --interpolate option for that context
- "set" command: add a new setter, "robust_z" to select
  asymptotic p-values when using the --robust option in
- mwrite() and mread() functions: add facility to write and
  read matrices in binary format
- Stata dta importer: handle format 117 (Stata 13)
- CSV importer: add code to handle the case where data values
  are written with thousands separators
- KPSS test: use improved version of Sephton-type response
  surface to find critical values
- ADF test: don't try to use Ng-Perron modified AIC/BIC for
  lag-length selection when GLS pre-processing is not chosen;
  add option to use Perron-Qu lag-length selection
- Fix bug: GUI panel plot failed if the start of the sample
  range was advanced
- Fix bug: crash on attempting to open a file from the "Recent"
  list within the GTK file chooser
- Fix bug: user-defined plots could generate an error dialog
  even if they display OK
- Fix bug: crash on reading gdtb (binary) data file containing
  observation markers
- Fix bug: crash on using "omit" with a duration model
- Fix bug: crash on trying to compact hourly data
- Fix bug: copy-and-paste produced raw RTF mark-up in some
  cases on MS Windows
- Builds for Windows: update cross-compiler to gcc 4.8.4;
  update to OpenBLAS 2.13; replace Netlib reference lapack and
  blas with OpenBLAS in 32-bit build; update to GTK 2.24.27;
  update to gnuplot 5.1 (CVS)
- Mac quartz build: update to GTK 2.24.25

 2014-09-20 Version 1.9.92 (2014c) [Back to top]
- Add new functions: isdiscrete(), isdummy()
- Enable faster execution of assignment statements in loops
- Add and document function-form of "sprintf"
- Fix bug: correct the procedure for recoloring following
  prewhitening in the context of the Newey-West HAC estimator
- Fix bug: "omit" would not print full estimates in a loop
- Fix bug: crash when using "Edit/modify model" in GUI for a
  biprobit model
- Fix bug: "catch" for genr in loops not always setting $error
  value on error
- Fix bug: incorrect behavior of randgen() for uniform values
  when the given lower bound is negative
- "append" command: add option --update-overlap
- "data" command: use --compact option in place of ad hoc
  "(compact=method)" syntax
- MS Windows: improve handling of non-ASCII text in RTF output
  and when putting data on the clipboard

 2014-07-28 Version 1.9.91 (2014b) [Back to top]
- Add Japanese translation (thanks to Shintaro Nakagawa)
- Add new functions: curl(), jsonget(), nlines(), kpsscrit(),
- Add new command "setopt" for pre-setting of command options
- Add command "flush" for use with time-consuming scripts and
  hansl functions
- "smpl" command: add a --permanent option to make a sample
  restriction permanent (not undoable); also add an option
  --no-all-missing to complement --no-missing
- "data" command: support globbing for names of series to fetch
  from gretl native databases
- "ar1" estimation: better error message(s) on failure; also
  tighten the convergence criterion but add a --loose option
  for backward compatibility
- "modtest" and "coint" commands: add --silent option for each
- Importing "CSV" etc: handle UTF-16 and UTF-32 by recoding, if
  recognized via Byte Order Mark
- ghk() function: add an optional trailing argument to receive
  the derivatives of the multivariate probabilities
- weekday() function: generalize to accept series arguments
- kdensity() function: accept a vector argument
- When creating a matrix from {list} or {dataset}, add the
  names of the variables as column names
- Difference of means test: use Satterthwaite approximation if
  the two variances are not assumed to be equal
- $dwpval: return NA rather than flagging an error if we get a
  negative Imhof integral (and adjust the doc)
- GUI dataset structure "wizard": allow annual data to start in
  the year 1
- Fix bug: GUI crash when estimation of rho fails for ar1 model
- Fixes for the XLS importer including recognition of the Excel
  NA() function
- Fix broken encoding of German translation
- Fix bug in OS X (quartz) package: GDK could lose track of its
  PNG loader, so graphs would not display
- Hush some gcc-4.9.0 warnings
- Deprecate use of the "set" variable halt_on_error (and remove
  its documentation)
- Build: update config.guess and config.sub from autotools git
- Windows build: update to gtk 2.24.24; update gnuplot version
  to 4.6.6

 2014-05-02 Version 1.9.90 (2014a) [Back to top]
- GUI reorganization: move the Function packages menu from
  /Files to /Tools
- GUI enhancement: add News button under "/Help/About gretl"
  to display list of changes in the current version
- Help menu: add item for the new "hansl primer" which covers
  the basics of gretl's scripting language
- Introduce a new native binary datafile format, the gdtb file
  (zipped XML metadata plus binary values)
- Add new functions: bread(), bwrite(), substr(), easterday()
- "summary" command: add --weights option
- "tabprint" command: add --csv option
- fdjac function: provide choice of algorithm
- Enable use of arrays in the SFMT random number generator
- Enable use of value labels (if any) in factorized boxplots
- Enable use of named lists in the GMM() and GMMlevel()
  parameter-groups for the "dpanel" and "arbond" commands
- Print out alternative definition of R^2 in FE linear panel
  data models
- Add choice of compression level when saving data in native
  gdt format
- Stata dta import: handle (illegal!) non-ASCII characters in
  variable names
- X-12-ARIMA interface: support the new X-13-ARIMA-SEATS as an
- Fix bug: incorrect plot header when the --radians option was
  given with the "pergm" command
- Fix bug: the --test-down option to "coint" was not working
  as advertised
- Fix bug (?): the final regression in "coint" (Engle-Granger
  test) could end up using a different sample range depending
  on whether or not the --skip-df option was given
- Fix bug: incorrect handling of Poisson regression when the
  specification does not include an intercept term
- Fix bug: bad handing of decimal comma in context of the --by
- Fix bug: incorrect treatment of big-endian SPSS "sav" files
  on data import
- Fix bug: the auxiliary regression for White's test should
  contain a constant even if the model to be tested does not
- Fix bug: wrong starting date being sent to x12a/x13as for
  monthly data starting in October
- Fix bug: score calculation for random-effects probit was
- Fix bug: incorrect estimates when the --robust option was
  used with the "wls" command
- Fix bugs 181, 182
- Internals: add support for multiple, independent PRNGs
- configure script: add an option --disable-www which drops
  the libcurl dependency, conditional on not building the
  GUI program
- win32 build: update gmp to 5.1.3, mpfr to 3.1.2

 2013-11-21 Version 1.9.14 (2013c) [Back to top]
- Use daily dates when plotting daily/weekly data and there
  are not too many observations
- Line-numbering in the script editor: make this a preference
  which is remembered
- mols() function: parallelize some of the work for builds
  with openmp enabled
- GUI: provide a menu item for adding a panel unit index
- GUI: "/File/Save data as" now switches the current dataset
  to the name of the saved one
- Fix bug: the build of gnuplot included in the gretl-quartz
  package (for Mac) did not work properly in stand-alone mode
- Fix bug: the importer for SAS "xport" files over-counted the
  number of observations, leading to out-of-memory failure on
  very big datasets
- Fix bug: the --show-plot option to the "freq" command was not
  being respected
- Fix bug: failure parsing value-labels for "int" arguments in
  building function packages
- Fix bug: "foreach" loop failing when given a single term that
  is not a named list
- Fix bug: panel Hausman test producing bad output under some

 2013-10-24 Version 1.9.13 (2013b) [Back to top]
- Add Bulgarian, Catalan and Galician translations
- Add new functions: psum(), prodc(), prodr(), toupper(),
  getline(), isodate(), regsub(), atof()
- "adf" command: add option to optimize the lag order using
  the procedure recommended by Ng and Perron (2001), and
  make their modified AIC method the default
- "outfile" command: add --quiet option
- "var" command: add syntax to select specific lags
- "boxplot" command: add facility to specify literal gnuplot
  lines, as with the "gnuplot" command
- "setobs" command: add panel-specific options to set panel
  time characteristics and group names
- "join" command: substantial enhancements for dealing with
  realtime data
- Make it legal to set loop_maxiter to 0 (hence disabling
  the safety iteration limit for "while" loops)
- Improve internals of pprintf() -- handle big string args
- readfile() function: check for valid UTF-8 and recode if
  possible if the text is not UTF-8
- mwrite() and mread() functions: add support for gzip
- setnote() function: add an entry to the function reference
- mshape() function: allow scalar as first argument
- filter() function: allow matrix as first argument
- GUI: add stacked-bar option for FEVD plot in connection
  with VAR estimation
- Fix a few small GUI memory leaks
- Linux and Windows: add check for multiple instances of
  gretl, and choice to open a double-clicked file in the
  prior gretl instance, if any
- Fix bug: encoding problem when printing from model window
  on Windows
- Fix bug: "catch" not working properly when applied to
  genr expressions within loops, and also for multi-line
  commands in loops
- Fix bug: bad behavior when taking the transpose of a
  scalar variable in a loop
- Fix bug: daily dates in old format YYYY/MM/DD not handled
  correctly in the context of time-series plots
- Fix bug: incomplete error-detection when parsing calls to
  diff() and log() on model-specification command line
- Fix bug: $obsminor and $obsmicro not working with weekly
- Fix bug: matrix re-import from octave was broken
- Fix bug: functions such as obsnum() which expect a string
  argument were failing when the argument was given in the form
  of a function that returns a string
- Fix bug: when python code is embedded in a gretl "foreign"
  block within a user-defined function, indentation of the
  python code was not being respected
- Fix bug: in the context of the ternary query operator (as in
  "condition ? true_branch : false_branch") the presence of an
  undefined symbol was generating an error even if this symbol
  was confined to the non-selected branch
- Fix bug: the "modeltab" command with the --output=filename
  option was not working properly unless "modeltab show" was
  executed first
- Stata .dta importer: read Stata 12 data files
- xlsx importer: handle "inline" strings
- CSV importer: ignore leading byte order mark
- MS Windows: add a 64-bit build of gretl as a download option
- OS X: add a 64-bit gtk-quartz build of the gretl package

 2013-03-15 Version 1.9.12 (2013a) [Back to top]
- Officially increase the maximum length of variable names
  to 31 characters
- "foreign" command: add support for Python + NumPy
- "markers" command: add support for the panel-data case
  where the number of markers equals the number of cross-
  sectional units
- "delete" command: add option to delete all variables of a
  specified type
- "qlrtest" command: compute asymptotic p-value as per Bruce
  Hansen's method (1997)
- "modeltab" command: add --output option to direct the model
  table to a specified file
- $xlist accessor: make available for system estimators
- You can now use "bundle b = null" to create a new bundle or
  empty an existing one
- Enable more streamlined syntax for setting and accessing
  objects within bundles, as in bundle.member
- Add new string function strstrip()
- Add new data-manipulation function aggregate()
- Add new function quadtable(), for Gauss quadrature
- Add new function remove(), for file deletion
- lags() function: add an optional third parameter to control
  the ordering of terms in the output list
- mread() and mwrite() functions: add an optional argument to
  direct read/write to the user's "dot directory"
- Add accessors $obsmajor and $obsminor to get series holding
  (for example) year and month; also $obsmicro for daily data
- Improve structural integrity of model specification dialog
  (it now behaves properly on resizing)
- Gnuplot version: require 4.4.0 (March 2010) or higher
- GUI preferences dialog: add facility to set the default scale
  for PNG plots
- GUI Tools menu: add an item to launch an interactive gnuplot
- GUI Add menu: add support for auto-generated dummy variables
  that code for a specific range of observations (or a single
- Fix bug: transient objects created within functions were
  appearing in the GUI icon view window
- Fix bug: possible crash when regressors are dropped from a
  random-effects panel model due to near-prefect collinearity
- Fix bug: possible crash in vecm with lag order 1 and no
  deterministic terms
- Fix bug: loss of precision when printing data to CSV file,
  in some cases
- User's Guide: clarify the use of string substitution, plus
  numerous small updates
- Environment: respect GRETL_CONFIG_FILE to override the
  default of ~/.gretl2rc on unix-type systems
- Daily dates: switch to ISO 8601 for output and preferred
  input (but accept YYYY/MM/DD for backward compatibility)
- MS Windows build: update GTK to version 2.24.17, and build
  with openmp support

 2012-11-21 Version 1.9.11 (2012d) [Back to top]
- Substantial re-write of code for handling named variables
  other than series (matrices, scalars, strings, etc.) in the
  interest of maintainability and efficiency
- "restrict" command: try to ensure that standard errors show
  as zero when they are in principle zero
- "loop": support use of $-substitution in the expression that
  controls a nested loop
- Fix bug: spurious detection of line continuation characters
  in #-style comments that do not start a command line
- Fix bug: broken printing of the model table in the case of
  variable names of greater than 15 characters
- Fix bug: "eval" not working correctly for anonymous strings
- Fix build bug: "make check" not working properly
- Fix build bug: XDG (desktop) files not getting installed in
  a manner suitable for packagers of gretl
- Support a matrix as an element-wise boolean condition for the
  ternary "?" operator
- The msortby() function: ensure that it performs a "stable"
  sort, such that rows sharing a common key value are never
  interchanged; also ensure that any row labels are put into
  the sorted order
- The inbundle() function: return a code that identifies the
  type of a bundled item; also add typestr() function to turn
  this code into a string
- GUI: allow resizing of plot windows, using the "+", "-" and
  "0" keys (depends on gnuplot's pngcairo driver)
- GUI: fix for "save as..." for session files on Windows
- GUI: fix for right-click in icon view window
- GUI: fix for font selector in the GTK 3 version of the code

 2012-11-05 Version 1.9.10 (2012c) [Back to top]
- Update translations
- Major new command "join": this adds sophisticated procedures for
  assembling a dataset from multiple sources
- New command "markers": manipulate observation marker strings
- "delete" command: add a --force option to permit deletion of
  series in loops (to be used with caution!)
- "data" command: allow this in loops
- "open" command: rename the option for reading fixed format data
  from --cols to --fixed-cols; also allow use of this command
  in loops (gretlcli only)
- "dpanel" and "arbond" commands: indicate in the model printout
  if the AR, Sargan or Wald tests failed
- "gnuplot" command: add a --with-lp option to use linespoints
- "modtest" command: support the autocorrelation option for ARMA
  models, using the Ljung-Box statistic
- "boxplot" command: add a --matrix option (works in the same way
  as with the "gnuplot" command)
- "freq" command: add a --matrix option to select a column from a
  named matrix instead of a series
- "corrgm" command: make the $test and $pvalue accessors available
  for the Ljung-Box test at the maximum lag
- "xtab" command: use string values of variables if available
- Add three new functions: ghk(), halton() and isnan()
- The mread() function now allows leading #-comment lines in the
  plain text file from which a matrix is read
- Add two new accessors: $pi and $huge
- Fix for ARMA forecasts: ensure that the dynamic portion starts
  as soon as possible when the --dynamic option is given
- Switch to using libcurl for HTTP transaction support
- Add two new element-wise matrix operators, ".>=" and ".<=",
  (greater than or equal, less than or equal)
- Fix some buggy behavior in regard to empty matrices
- Fix for use of "catch" (to trap errors) in loops
- Fix GUI bug: lagged series could become invisible in the main
  window under some (unusual) conditions
- Allow passing "null" as an argument for lists in user-defined
- Enable indexing into named lists to get the ID numbers of series
- Bivariate normal cdf: switch from Drezner(78) to a faster and
  more robust algorithm
- randgen() function, gamma distribution option: switch to the fast
  Marsaglia-Tsang generator for gamma variates
- GUI: add check for updated addons, such as gig
- GUI icon view: enable copying of graphs and matrices
- GUI graphs: in saving as PDF, remember the user's choice of font
  size for the duration of the session
- MS Windows build: work around problems associated with the
  "Virtual Store" folder-redirection introduced in Windows Vista
- Linux: add proper XDG support (mime types, icons)
- OS X package: update the gmp, mpfr and fftw libraries
- MS Windows and OS X: update gnuplot to version 4.6.1

 2012-06-01 Version 1.9.9 (2012b) [Back to top]
- Add --cluster option (cluster-robust standard errors) for several
  estimators; see the User's Guide for details
- Add (limited) support for Stata under the "foreign" command
- New accessor $ylist: returns the list of endogenous variables from
  the last system or model estimated
- "fcast" command: enable for multinomial logit models
- "store" command: respect sample range when exporting data to gretl
  database format
- "graphpg" command: enable printing from script
- Mark some more strings for translation
- Fix encoding for Polish translation
- Fix bug 3525304
- Fix bug: in logging commands entered via the gretl console, options
  were being omitted
- Fix behavior of Ctrl-A in non-editable text windows
- Fix breakage of GUI Alt-x command "minibuffer"
- "modtest" command with --normality option: make the accessors $test
  and $pvalue work when the test is done on a VAR
- Fix bug: arima initialization could interfere with formation of
  named lists
- Fix bug: nonlinearity test (logs) misbehaving when the original
  model includes non-positive regressors
- Improvements to syntax highlighting in script editor
- Numerous small GUI fixes
- MS Windows build: update cross-compiler to gcc-4.6.3
- MS Windows build: fix inconsistent zlib headers
- Internals: clean up the Minpack sources that we use for nls
- GTK 3 support: add some workarounds for GTK 2 features that are
  no longer properly supported

 2012-03-29 Version 1.9.8 (2012a) [Back to top]
- GUI: support use of named lists in the model specification dialog and
  other contexts
- GUI: add option of making the script editor and the model viewer
  windows use tabs
- GUI: add "reformat" option to summary statistics window for single
- GUI: add keyboard shortcut help file
- Add a new practice script illustrating advanced use of mle command,
  and extend the discussion of mle in the User's Guide
- New function pxsum(): computes the cross-sectional sum of a series in
  the context of panel data
- stack() function for panel data: allow '*' in forming list of series
- Compaction of daily to weekly data: enable this even if the daily data
  are not dated
- "panel" command: add --nerlove option to use Nerlove's transformation
  in the context of the random effects estimator
- "system" command: various small fixes and enhancements, including
  greater computational efficiency
- "pca" command: add --quiet option and parameter to allow specification
  of the number of components to save
- "coint" command: add --verbose option and fix printout of model at
  last step of Engle-Granger test
- "graphpg" command: add "fonstscale" parameter (but also try harder to
  get the default font size right for various gnuplot versions)
- princomp() function: add an optional switch to use the covariance
- matrix manipulation: enable use of the boolean operators "&&" and
  "||" as element-wise operations on matrices
- Function packages: prevent a package's "bundle-plot" function from
  appearing in the initial GUI listing of public functions
- Fix bug: avoid introducing "decimal commas" in setting size of PDF
  plots in gnuplot
- Fix bug: deletion of matrices within a loop: ensure that the GUI icon
  view is updated properly if it's open at the time
- Fix bug in serialization of matrices as XML (which broke, for example
  saving of VARs in gretl session files)
- Fix bug: the --to-file option for "labels" was broken
- Fix bug: misbehavior of substitution of named strings in some loop
- Fix bug: breakage in handling of string-valued variables in CVS import
- Fix bug: possible crash in mle if a derivatives matrix is resized
- Fix bug: possible crash in GUI function package editor on adding a
  function to a package containing a single function
- Fix bug: data import from RATS databases broken on 64-bit systems
- Fix bug: the "smpl" command with --restrict option should support the
  full maximum length of the gretl command line (16K bytes)
- Various small fixes for spreadsheet data importers
- For third-party users of libgretl: improve handling of search for the
  gretl plugins
- Configure check for gnome desktop: support gnome 3.0
- Temporary files: use mkstemp() instead of mktemp()
- MS Windows and OS X: update packaged gnuplot to version 4.6.0
- MS Windows build: update cross-compiler to gcc-4.6.2
- Build tools: update to libtool 2.4.2
- Building from source: fix configure script for non-sse2 build

 2011-12-22 Version 1.9.7 (2011d) [Back to top]
- Add two nonparametric estimators: William Cleveland's loess and the
  Nadaraya-Watson estimator; these are available via the new functions
  loess() and nadarwat(), and they're also in the GUI Model menu
- Binary logit and probit: re-implement using Newton-Raphson for
  greater numerical stability
- Documentation updates, including a new chapter on Nonparametric
  methods in the User's Guide
- "store" command: add a --decimal-comma option to export "CSV" data
  using "," as decimal character (and ";" as column delimiter)
- "leverage" command: add a --quiet option and add calculation of the
  cross-validation criterion (available via the $test accessor)
- "rmplot" command (range-mean plot): add a --trim option to discard the
  minimum and maximum from each sub-sample
- "gnuplot" command: enhance the --with-lines option to permit using
  lines for some series and points for others
- "scatters" command: add a --matrix option and increase the maximum
  number of plots to 16
- Plots in GUI: add option to show semilog fitted line, and make the
  option to show a grid more configurable
- New function simann() provides user access to simulated annealing
- Speed up the production of bootstrapped confidence bands for impulse
  responses in VECM models
- Internationalized TeX output: always use UTF-8 encoding
- Online help: ensure that option flags don't break across lines (and
  also colorize them for emphasis)
- Cointegration testing: treat restricted exogenous terms as per Ox and
  PcGive (don't lag them in the initial OLS regressions)
- Fix breakage in GUI dialog box for ADF-GLS test
- Fix: the panel groupwise heteroskedasticity test failed silently if
  a group had just one usable observation
- Fix bug: breakage in mle when a "genr" line in the mle block assigns
  a new value to a submatrix
- Fix bug: possible crash in tsls when there are missing values and a
  regressor is all-zero at the complete observations
- Fix bug: "summary" command with --by option not respecting the
  incoming sample range
- Fix bug: filename encoding and dates recognition issues with the new
  xlsx data importer; also try harder to find sheet names/numbers
- Fix bug: segfault on running certain commands via the GUI after
  replacing the previous dataset with a new one
- Fix bug: crash on accessing a bundle via its icon if the bundle was
  replaced while the Icon view window was open
- Fix bug: crash on using the --quiet option with the "freq" command
  in a command loop
- Fix bug: breakage in processing the selection of quantiles for
  quantile regression in the GUI
- Fix bug: the third argument to eigsolve() was rejected even when it
  was valid
- Fix bug: the option of providing a named list of series as the left-
  hand term in a GMM orthogonality condition was not fully implemented

 2011-10-17 Version 1.9.6 (2011c) [Back to top]
- Add an importer for xlsx (Office Open XML) worksheet data
- cum() function: make this respect panel structure
- ranking() function: accept vectors as well as series
- New function, hdprod(): implements "direct row product" for matrices
- New functions for series: skewness() and kurtosis()
- New function uniq(): acts like values() but leaves the distinct values
  in their order of appearance
- New function pshrink(): compacts a panel series to a column vector
  with one observation per individual
- New function randint(): returns a random integer in a specified closed
- allow non-integer degrees of freedom for Student's t in cdf(), invcdf()
  and randgen()
- allow use of an (optional) "mask" argument with the panel statistics
  functions pmean() and friends
- list arguments to functions: allow use of anonymous lists
- extend the invcdf() function to the gamma and std. GED distributions
- GUI script editor: add Cut and Redo toolbar buttons, and also a
  Stop button to interrupt script execution; improve handling of Tab
  and Enter
- GUI session Notes: add option to pop up the notes on opening a
  session file
- build with SSE2 enabled: ensure that the C compiler SSE2 option is
  not wiped out if the user (re-)specifies CFLAGS when doing "make"
- Defining lists: document the wildcard operator, *, and add an
  ellipsis operator (two dots).
- VARs: (re-)enable HAC standard errors via a new option, --robust-hac
- "var" command with --lagselect option: make the table of information
  criteria available as $test
- "omit" command: add a --test-only option to prevent the reduced model
  from being saved as "last model"
- "add" command: add an --lm option to do an LM test, in which case the
  last model is not replaced by the augmented version
- "makepkg" command: add options to produce an XML index entry and a
  file of translatable strings suitable for use with gettext
- "freq" command: add facility to specify the number of bins, or the
  location and width of the bins; also add a --show-plot option for use
  in a script
- "tsls" command: add a --no-tests option
- Add facility for inspecting the list of gretl addons, under the GUI
  Help menu
- Download of textbook data-file packages: use sourceforge for better
- Graphing ("gnuplot" command and GUI): generalize the option of
  separation using a binary dummy to allow use of discrete variables
- "boxplot" command: add --factorized and --panel options; also
  enhance the boxplot options available via the GUI
- "arima" command (native exact ML variant): add a --hessian option to
  enforce computation of standard errors using the Hessian; if this
  option is not given, allow use of OPG as fallback if the numerical
  Hessian cannot be computed
- X-12-ARIMA and TRAMO analysis: allow the user to supply names when
  saving series to the dataset
- Declaration of new series: set initial values to NA, not zero
- On OS X: save downloaded functions, databases and data file packages
  to the user's "Library/Application Support/gretl" directory
- MS Windows and OS X packages: update gtksourceview library to version
  2.10.5 to permit printing of scripts with highlighting
- Make gtksourceview-2.0 a dependency for the gretl build, and remove
  the "bundled" version of gtksourceview-1.0
- Fix bug: a nested "foreach" loop using a named list, with the name of
  the list subject to dollar-substitution via the parent loop, produced
  an "unknown variable" error
- Fix bug: The symbol "<-" for assignment to an object could get confused
  with a mathematical expression such as "x<-1.0"
- Fix bug: reading beyond array bound in numerical Hessian
- Fix bug in GUI function-package editor: could crash on adding a new
  function to a package
- Fix bug in GUI function-package editor: "edit code" not working for
  packages containing a single function
- Fix bug in GUI function-package editor: not apparent how to change
  the recorded date for a function package
- Fix bug in ADF test in GUI with data frequency 1: quadratic trend
  case being added even when deselected
- Fix bug in ARMA forecast for MA order > 1 and steps-ahead greater
  than the MA order
- Fix bug: ensure that we catch trailing junk at the end of a genr-type
- Fix bug: GUI scalars window not updating correctly if it is kept open
  while a script which modifies scalars is executed
- Fix bug: wrong readout of graph coordinates after doing "Replace full
  view" with a zoomed graph in the GUI
- Increase maximum command-line length to 16384 bytes

 2011-04-22 Version 1.9.5 (2011b) [Back to top]
- Add new translation: Greek (Manolis Tzagarakis and Ioannis Venetis)
- When building against gtk3, put the plugins into LIBDIR/gretl-gtk3
- "foreign" command: enable the --send-data option for Octave, in
  which case the gretl dataset is pre-loaded as a matrix named
- "coint2" (Johansen test): print the log-likelihood, plus improve the
  printing of the Pi matrix when exogenous regressors are present
- "coint2": add a --silent option
- VARs: add $fevd accessor to get the forecast error variance
  decomposition as a matrix; also add GUI access to forecast variance
  decomposition plots
- VECMs: add $vecGamma accessor to get the Gamma matrices (coefficients
  on the differences of the system variables) in standard format, plus
  $evals accessor to get the eigenvalues used in computing the trace
- "tobit" command: add options to specify left- and/or right-
  censoring; also add --robust option
- gnuplot (command and GUI): add option to plot fitted cubic
- GUI plot dialog: add option to draw arrows on a graph
- GUI forecast dialog, for cross-sectional data: give option of showing
  confidence interval for mean Y rather than actual Y
- Fix a small memory leak when opening an *.asc data file
- New function colname(): retrieve a column name from a matrix
- New function eigsolve(): solves generalized eigenvalue problem
- New function NRmax(): Newton-Raphson maximizer
- New model accessors with string values: $depvar for the name of the
  dependent variable, and $command for the command word used
- Matrix "division": give the operators "\" and "/" the same semantics
  as in Octave/Matlab (left and right division)
- Remove the FGLS "arch" command from the GUI and add a deprecating
  note to its help text
- Lag specification for regressors (e.g. "foo(-1 to -2)"): the name of
  a list can now be substituted for the name of a series
- quantile() function: allow a vector for the second argument when the
  first argument is a matrix
- Copy data to clipboard in GUI: remove limitation of 8 series max
- "difftest" command: record $test and $pvalue
- Fix bug: wrong out-of-sample forecasts for ARMA models with seasonal
  MA terms
- Fix bug: wrong handling of string fields in ODBC data import
- Fix bug: spurious "unmatched 'if'" error under some conditions
- Fix bug: incorrect handling of observation markers in context of
  scatter plot "with factor separation"
- Fix bug: transposition not being done in expressions of the form
  matrix m = $accessor[range]', with trailing transpose symbol
- Fix bug: usable observations could be omitted when compacting from
  daily to weekly frequency, if the daily data contained "hidden"
  missing observations
- Fix bug 3285196 (respect indicated encoding when importing SPSS data)
- Fix bug: gretl could crash on start-up with no datafile specified
- MS Windows: update netlib lapack/blas to version 3.3.1

 2011-02-24 Version 1.9.4 (2011a) [Back to top]
- Change the default random number generator from GLib's
  implementation of the Mersenne Twister to the SIMD-oriented Fast
  Mersenne Twister
- Introduce "addons": approved function packages that are represented
  in the GUI menus
- Add an --accessors option to the "varlist" command, to expose the
  list of currently available accessor ("dollar") variables
- Add more panel data graphing options -- time-series of group means
  and boxplots by group -- and redesign the GUI for panel plots
- GUI code: modify to allow building against gtk3, with a configure
  option --enable-gtk3
- GUI icon view: provide a graphical representation for saved
- GUI dialog for calling user-defined functions: several improvements
- GUI access to X-12-ARIMA: give option of writing and editing x12a
  .spc file
- GUI test-statistic calculator: fix a bug in the one-variance test
- New accessor, $vma: retrieves the vector moving average form of a
- New function, inlist(): gives the position of a series within a
  named list or zero if the series is not present
- New function, isconst(): determines whether a series or vector has
  a constant value, and optionally tests for either time-invariance
  or cross-sectional invariance for panel-data series
- New function, strsub(): substitutes a specified replacement for a
  specified sub-string in its first (string) argument
- New function, ngetenv(): gets the numerical value of variable in
  the environment
- "estimate" command: document the --quiet flag; and also enable the
  --quiet option for "system"
- "summary" command: add an option to print summary stats for the
  columns of a named matrix
- "outfile" command: add facility to redirect output to stderr or
- "setobs" command: add option to attach observation labels from a
  named file
- "heckit" command: switch to use of analytical Hessian for the
  covariance matrix
- New function, errmsg(): returns the gretl error message associated
  with a given integer error code
- New function, rownames(): complements the colnames() function for
- New function mrls(); implements restricted least squares estimation
  for data in matrix form
- The sdc() function (column standard deviations): add an optional
  second argument to control the divisor
- New "set" variable, matrix_mask, which can be used to control the
  included observations when constructing matrices from series
- Accessors $test and $pvalue: generalize to allow matrix values
  (e.g. from the coint2 command); also ensure that these values get
  recorded when using "restrict" in connection with a system
  estimator such as SUR
- "catch" modifier for commands: make this catch a wider range of
- Functions corr(), cov() and fcstats(): accept two vector arguments
  in place of two series
- Allow deletion of local matrices within functions
- Remove deprecated aliases "noecho" and "seed"
- Remove redundant function "makemask"
- Fix some memory leaks in the gretl GUI
- Storage of data in gdt files: increase the precision for derived
  series such as logs
- Fix: reset model count on exit from user-defined functions
- Fix bug: incorrect parsing of command line containing a filename
  that includes left and/or right parentheses
- Fix bug: the $ec accessor for Error Correction terms produced bad
  results for VECMs where the loadings ("alpha") terms were estimated
  subject to restrictions
- Fix bug: estimates could get out of order for some equation systems
  if the constant was not given in first place among the regressors
- Fix bug: the "diff" command applied to a lead of a series could
  produce spurious values with panel data
- Fix bug: segfault with nested loops when the outer loop resamples
  the dataset and the inner one generates a series
- Fix bug: the function isnull() got broken when the argument is the
  name of a string variable
- Fix bug: incorrect parsing of ARIMA command with "gappy" AR lags
  specification, e.g. "arima {1 4 5} 1 1 ; y"
- Fix bug: the $unit accessor for panel data got broken
- Fix bug: the $kalman_t accessor was not working correctly for the
  case of a filter that employs time-varying matrices
- Fix bug: when compacting a dataset using the end-of-period option,
  one usable observation might be discarded
- Fix bugs 3180774 and 3183721 (64-bit build issues)
- MS Windows: update GTK stack and gnuplot

 2010-11-29 Version 1.9.3 [Back to top]
- New estimation command "biprobit" (bivariate probit)
- New panel unit-root command "levinlin"
- Add help text for "dpanel"
- "restrict" command: enable the --full option for single-equation
  models estimated via OLS (makes the restricted estimates available
  as the "last model")
- "restrict" and "estimate" for equation systems: don't insist on a
  system-name argument, but allow a default of the last model
  (provided it was a system)
- GUI graphs: allow option of replacing the original graph with a
  zoomed view
- Panel time-series graphs in GUI: add another format option and try
  to use date information if available
- lrvar function: allow vector argument in place of series
- Iterated GMM: raise default maximum iterations to 250, and add a
  new "set" variable, "gmm_maxiter"
- Fix bug 3105271
- Fix bug: crash in lapack in case the number of instruments exceeds
  the number of observations in tsls
- Fix bug: recent breakage in quantreg command for the case of
  multiple tau values
- Fix bug: ensure that the main window gets updated when series are
  deleted via the console
- Fix bug: don't show an excessively long list of series in the
  dialog box for confirming deletion of series
- Fix bug: creation of matrices from data series in a loop which
  changes the sub-sample via --restrict
- Fix bug: setting "halt_on_error" off should not suppress printing
  of error messages

 2010-11-03 Version 1.9.2 [Back to top]
- New command "fractint" (fractional integration test)
- The "pergm" command no longer does fractional integration testing
  as a side-effect
- The "open" command now supports http to get a data file (of any
  supported format) directly from the internet
- "kalman": allow a constant term in the state transition equation
- "modprint" command: allow a string literal for the second argument;
  support both comma- and space-separation of parameter names
- "dataset expand" command: add an "interp" modifier to use
  interpolation rather than repetition of values; also remove the
  option of going directly from annual to monthly frequency
- "heckit" command: enable the --robust option for QML standard
  errors and the --quiet option
- "mahal" command: add a --quiet option
- "arima" command: add new option --save-ehat
- pdf function: support the poisson and binomial distributions
  (giving the probability mass)
- New function invmills() to get the inverse Mills ratio
- New function bwfilt() to compute the Butterworth filter (thanks go
  to D.S.G. Pollock), plus GUI access under /Variable/Filter
  (time-series data only)
- New function polyfit() to obtain a polynomial trend line
- New function chowlin() to perform Chow-Lin interpolation of
  higher-frequency data
- New function varsimul() to simulate VARs
- New accessor $mnl_probs to get the estimated outcome probabilities
  for a multinomial logit model (plus GUI access under the Analysis
  menu in the model window)
- GUI interface to X-12-ARIMA: add more options to control the
  program's behavior
- GUI model specification dialog: add a "genr" button
- GUI, main window toolbar: add a button for direct access to native
  gretl databases
- Fix for multinomial logit: correct bias in favor of the base case
  in the reported fitted values ($yhat)
- Fix VAR forecasts: ensure consistency in exactly where a dynamic
  forecast starts
- Fix bug 3021540 (sorting dataset)
- Fix bug 3021854 (spreadsheet import with no numeric data)
- Fix bug 3050710 (build process: LDFLAGS not respected)
- Fix bug 3054932 (build process: libdir not used)
- Fix bug 3074946 (specific MA lags not remembered in ARMA GUI)
- Fix bug 3082926 (crash or bad session file when saving a session
  containing models with missing observations)
- Fix crashing bug in Wilcoxon signed rank test
- Fix bug: adf test with --gls option: don't use too many pre-sample
  values for the detrending regression
- Fix bug: crash in GUI when estimation of a restricted VECM was not
  successfully completed
- Fix for OS X: we now support Ctrl-click as equivalent to
  right-click (for popup menus, etc.)
- Fix for finding user's customized LaTeX preamble file
- Fix: more rigorous detection of whether TeX output is PDF rather
  than DVI
- Fix: when compacting a dataset, some values that should be missing
  were appearing as zero
- Traditional Chinese locale: encode text to CP950 for EMF files via
- Drag-and-drop onto gretl main window: support database files (gretl
  native, RATS or PcGive) as well as regular data files
- Graphs in GUI: for plots that don't support the full graph editor,
  add a font selector
- Build: require libgmp (no longer an optional extra)
- Internals: modify GUI sources to ensure that gretl will build OK
  with the forthcoming GTK+ 3.0
- MS Windows: update Inno installer and add the officially recognized

 2010-06-24 Version 1.9.1 [Back to top]
- New command: "makepkg", for command-line creation of gretl function
  packages (.gfn files)
- pdf, cdf and pvalue functions: add support for the Generalized
  Error distribution
- "dataset" command: add new sub-command, "renumber", for moving a
  series to a new position
- wls: amend the criterion for complaining that the weights are all
- logit/probit: correct ordering of estimates when the constant is
  not first in the supplied list of regressors
- Reading gdt data files: don't stop if a denormalized tiny value is
  found: accept what the C library gives and ignore errno
- Reinstate --basque start-up option for GUI program
- Fix for printing of month names on time-series plots in locales
  with multi-byte characters
- OS X: use the native Mac calculator app for gretl's calculator
  toolbar item by default
- GUI: add mechanism for defining named lists, and for setting the
  main window selection from a chosen list
- GUI: "Edit attributes" (of series) dialog: add option to change the
  position of a series in the dataset
- GUI model selection dialog: implement re-ordering of regressors via
- GUI, right-click popup in main window: on selecting the correlation
  matrix option, give the user a chance to insist on a uniform sample
  for the correlations
- Internals: new, improved code for calulating the inverse Mills
  ratio (probit, heckit)
- API documentation: take this a step further, though it's still
  radically incomplete
- Remove the old genpois function

 2010-05-02 Version 1.9.0 [Back to top]
- New command: "duration", for estimation of parametric duration
  models (e.g. Weibull)
- New command: "negbin", for estimation of count data models using
  the Negative Binomial distribution
- poisson regression: add overdispersion test and also --robust
  option to get a QML covariance matrix
- New command modifier, "catch" to catch errors and permit
  continuation of script execution
- "labels" command: add options to write variable labels to file, and
  to read labels from file
- Consolidate commands: the old "graph" and "plot" commands (ASCII
  graphics) are unified in "textplot"
- Enable full-text search of "online" help files
- Enable help for specific "settable" variables, as in "help set
- "mread": search the gretl working directory if the file is not
  found at first
- "dataset sortby": allow the use of a list to specify multiple sort
- ODBC import: enable extraction of multiple data series per SQL
- ODBC: enable support in the binary packages for OS X
- Observation labels: permit non-ASCII UTF-8 characters
- Export of data to R, interactively: add a message confirming that
  the export worked
- "foreign" code blocks: add support for GNU Octave
- GUI: add export/import of variable labels
- GUI: enable choice of ordering for Cholesky decomposition for VAR
  impulse response plots
- GUI graph editor: add option to show a grid; add facility to
  display highlight bars in time-series graphs, e.g. NBER recession
- Filter functions movavg, bkfilt and hpfilt: offer greater control
  via additional optional arguments
- Add new functions, digamma, kdensity, monthlen and epochday (the
  latter two are calendrical)
- Add new built-in constant: "macheps" gets the machine precision
- OS X package: add icons and associations for gretl data, script and
  session files
- Add compile-time option to use openmp for multi-threaded matrix
- Fix bug: crash on exact collinearity when estimating a system of
- Fix bug: broken test output in tsls when the matrix of instruments
  is near to rank-deficient
- Fix bug: errors in Exponential Moving Average in GUI
- Fix bug: non-ASCII characters not handled in function package
  upload to server
- Fix bug: double normal cdf did not handle correctly some corner
- Fix bugs 2944000, 2956109
- Fix font-encoding issues on MS Windows: session-names with
  non-ASCII characters were not appearing in the gretl title bar; and
  the encoding was getting broken between copy and paste, e.g. in
  script windows
- Fix bug in Hausman test after tsls: ensure the sample size is
- Fix integer overflow bug in Breusch-Pagan poolability test
- Graphing via gnuplot: require version >= 4.2.0

 2010-01-24 Version 1.8.7 [Back to top]
- GUI enhancement: add apparatus to help keep track of gretl windows
- GUI menus: clean-up and consolidation
- New command: "qqplot" (Quantile-Quantile plots)
- Normal random samples: implement the Ziggurat method
- "dataset" command: document the "clear" keyword
- "rmplot" command: save $test and $pvalue
- "restrict" with --bootstrap option: record $test and $pvalue
- "corrgm" and "xcorrgm": allow the lag order to be given as a named
  scalar variable
- VECMs: add $ec accessor
- VARs: remove $vcv accessor
- VARs and VECMs: enable accessors $df, $ncoeff and $xtxinv
- BFGSmax function: add facility for supplying analytical derivatives
- Eviews data importer: handle more cases of .wf1 files
- BFGS: make the degree of verbosity tunable via "set bfgs_verbskip"
- Fix bug: crash on error in user_matrix_ols()
- Fix bug: "append" for data should work in more cases
- Fix bug: saving a model when there is already a saved model of the
  same name (in the GUI) caused a crash
- Fix bug: setting of sub-sample information on models estimated with
  a loop construct
- Fix bug: the GUI option for reporting standardized residuals for
  GARCH models got broken
- Fix bug: handling of on-the-fly matrices in "printf"
- Fix bugs: miscellaneous small GUI bugs
- Fix bugs 2918790, 2918783, 2918775, 2917053

 2009-11-25 Version 1.8.6 [Back to top]
- Fix bug: the "print" command for series fails after exiting a loop
  with the --progressive option set
- ARIMAX models: follow the practice of most software and difference
  both the dependent variable and the exogenous regressors; a new
  option, --y-diff-only, restores the old behavior of leaving the
  regressors in levels.  This resolves bug 1972626.
- arima: fix some "corner case" bugs and extend the options that can
  be controlled via the GUI
- Add hyperbolic functions, asinh and friends
- heckit: use analytical score, and use hyperbolic transformation in
  estimating rho
- Fix bug: a native gdt file made from imported data could end up
  containing non-UTF-8 characters (and hence not be openable)
- Fix bug: the internal $error variable associated with the
  --continue option to (e.g.) "arima" could get stuck on within a
  command loop
- Fix bug: ensure that the "dataset addobs" command is recorded in
  the session command log when observations are added in the course
  of forecasting
- Fix bug: corruption in saving GARCH models in a session file
- "fcast": add a --plot option to generate a plot of the forecast in
  batch mode
- L-BFGS-B: add a "set" variable, lbfgs_mem, to control the number of
  corrections used in the limited memory matrix
- GUI dialogs for mle, gmm: add controller for BFGS details
- "scatters" command: add an --output option as for the "gnuplot"
- Fix bug: the popup menu item "Execute line", in script windows, was
  not working
- Fix bug: bad Weibull plot (under "Distribution graphs") when adding
  Weibull curve to an existing plot that includes negative values of
- Add facility to display normal and logistic CDFs
- Add convenience function: logistic()
- MS Windows package: update pango and gnuplot
- Scalar variables: improve GUI management, and add a --scalars
  option to the "varlist" command
- "mols" function: add option of retrieving the covariance matrix
- Add new function "weekday"
- Fix memory leak on repeated sub-sampling
- Miscellaneous small GUI fixes

 2009-10-10 Version 1.8.5 [Back to top]
- Fix: avoid duplicating the return line when saving packaged
  functions that were originally old-style
- Several refinements for function-package editor
- Update the gretl function package DTD
- genr: improvements in type-handling for some tricky cases
- Internal clean-up: revamp gretl's mechanism for reading
  configuration info and setting paths at start-up
- Fix bug in handling of the R dll on Windows
- Function parameter [min:max:default] values: fix bug for locales
  using ',' as decimal separator
- Fix bugs 2843717, 2848633, 2865384
- Fix bug in corrgm() function when the series given as arguments
  contain missing values
- Add --to-file and --from-file options to "set" command
- Several refinements for the GUI "model table"
- Fix bug: error when trying to save the dataset, in the context of a
  saved-then-reopened session file
- Fix bug: in some circumstances model tests failed to respect the
  sample used when estimating the model, if the sample had since been
- Fix bug: wrong results from the "fcast" command after estimating an
  ordered probit or logit model
- Fix bug: the --output option to the "gnuplot" command was not being
  respected in the gretl console
- Fix bug: inconsistent handling of maximum command-line length in
  the context of loops
- GUI, main window, Sample menu: add an item to print details of the
  current sample status
- On closing GUI session, close any open graph windows
- RATS databases: recognize weekly data
- Eviews data importer: fix recognition of the starting month or
  quarter for dated time series
- CSV data importer: recognize the rather strange represent- ation of
  dates in the IMF's International Financial Statistics
- Add importer for SAS "xport" data
- GUI model window: add option to view the model in equation format,
  in plain text, for simple models
- $hausman accessor: make this available for panel models estimated
  via the random effects estimator
- add financial functions npv and irr

 2009-08-28 Version 1.8.4 [Back to top]
- Fix breakage in GUI interface for calling user-defined functions,
  plus fixes for GUI function package editor
- Patches from Mandriva: build OK with -Wformat-security, and respect
  LDFLAGS as supplied by user
- Add "to" to the list of reserved words
- Enable testing of nonlinear restrictions on simultaneous equation
- Update docs and examples for the "new style" definition of
- Small modification to GUI series editor
- Try to make path-searching a little smarter for files referenced in
- GUI language switcher: add a workaround for platforms missing
  proper locale aliases
- Stata dta importer: try to work around missing character encoding
- ODS import: fix bug 2841292
- win32: update GTK+ stack to 2.16.5

 2009-08-10 Version 1.8.3 [Back to top]
- Fix bugs 2819633, 2827358, 2828349, 2833434
- $stopwatch: use times() function if available, to include execution
  time of child processes
- Add function "mreverse" to reverse rows of a matrix
- Add function "deseas" to deseasonalize a monthly or quarterly time
  series using X-12-ARIMA or TRAMO/SEATS
- Remove function "strcmp" as redundant
- Add "sscanf" function
- Add function "pergm" corresponding to the pergm command
- Several fixes and enhancements for interaction with TRAMO/SEATS and
- Many small GUI fixes
- Add (optional) support for Ox programs via the "foreign" command
- Ctrl-X in editing windows: cut text, don't exit
- Data importers: add a comment to the imported dataset saying where
  it came from
- 3-D graphs: use the wxt terminal in gnuplot if it's available
- Fix for putting RTF onto clipboard on OS X
- Observation labels ("case markers"): print up to 15 characters of
  such labels
- Support compaction of hourly (24 hours per day) data to daily
- Add "set" variable "csv_na" to control the representation of NA
  values in CSV output (also GUI selector for same)
- Remove old "set" variable, "protect_lists"
- Help windows: substantial revamp of GUI, plus fixes for dealing
  with translated helpfiles
- Add experimental function debugger: new "debug" command
- Stata importer: support current format 114 .dta files
- MS Windows: update the GTK+ stack
- Lists: allow formation of a new list by subtraction of one list
  from another
- "omit" command with --auto option: allow specification of a list of
  candidates for omission
- fix bug: "smpl --no-missing" was not always purging missing values
  in the case of panel data
- fix bug: possible confusion when creating a named list if the
  dataset contains a variable named "to"
- fix bug: wrong error message given by "system" command on
  encountering missing values
- fix bug: crash in estimating a system via LIML when the equations
  are given in TSLS fashion (i.e., y X ; Z)

 2009-07-08 Version 1.8.2 [Back to top]
- Fixes for GARCH "corner cases"
- "summary" command: add --simple and --by=byvar options
- Fix another XLS import bug
- nls, mle, gmm, arma: allow continuation of scripts when these
  estimators fail to converge, in which case the variable $error is
  set to a non-zero value (new --continue option)
- "fcast" command: add more forecast evaluation statistics
- Add fcstats function to provide statistics for evaluation of
- GUI model window, Graphs menu: add scatter plot of actual vs fitted
  a la Theil
- Rationalize use of GRETL_KEEP_GOING and halt_on_error: induce
  consistency between CLI and GUI programs
- xtab command: add --matrix option to take frequencies from a named
- add "anova" command (one-way and two-way) plus GUI menu entry
- Main window: make column headings clickable for sorting variables
  by ID number or name
- Enhancements to Edit Attributes dialog for data series
- "heckit command": fix problem with some residuals being unavailable
  via $uhat
- Printing: fix bad output from "pergm" command when the spectral
  density is very large
- Printing: revise printout of summary statistics for better
  consistency in non-English locales and for long variable names
- Fix bug: allow for the fact that TRAMO truncates long variable
  names to 8 characters in the names of its output file
- Fix bug: ensure that old X-12-ARIMA output files get deleted before
  a new run
- TRAMO and X-12-ARIMA: try to provide better information in case of
- Add GUI option: suppress detailed printout from X-12-ARIMA
- GUI menu Variable/Filters: add GUI access to the fracdiff function
- Several small fixes for the GUI
- Fix bugs 2806815, 2810219

 2009-05-21 Version 1.8.1 [Back to top]
- Fix bugs 2533543, 2590417, 2604963, 2687954, 2734471, 2741374,
- resample() function: add a second, optional parameter, namely a
  block length for resampling by moving blocks
- Ensure that gretl.lang (for gtksourceview) gets updated in Windows
- Forecasts with confidence intervals: make the confidence level
  configurable via the GUI (and similarly for confidence bands on
  impulse response plots)
- VECMs: add a GUI selector for lags of any exogenous variables
- genr: make '^' (exponentiation) associate rightwards
- genr: support the syntax "func(args)[slice]" to select directly a
  submatrix from a function call that returns a matrix
- panel, random effects estimator, Hausman test: notify the user if
  the matrix-difference version of the Hausman test fails; also
  document the --hausman-reg option in the help entry for the "panel"
  command; and fix the covariance matrix in case --hausman-reg is
- VARs: support gaps in the lag structure (not for VECMs); also,
  allow single-equations VARs
- New GUI graph option: "Plot curve" under the tools menu, for quick
  plotting of a formula
- Chow test: add the option of specifying a dummy variable rather
  than a break point
- Boxplots: enable boxplot command in loops
- seq() function: add a third, optional step parameter
- Speed up loading of very large data files in gretl native format
- Fixes for handling of data files with over 999 variables
- Minor improvement to parsing of dates in CSV files
- "lags" command: accept a scalar variable for the parameter
  indicating how many lags to generate
- "logit" command: support multinomial logit via a new option,
- ordered logit, probit: add count of cases 'correctly predicted',
  plus overall likelihood ratio test for all slopes = 0
- Graph editing dialog: provide more comprehensive font selection
  apparatus if gnuplot supports cairo
- "gnuplot" script command: add mechanism for naming the output file,
  and selecting EPS/PDF/PNG output directly
- Fix bug in binomial plot for 60 <= n < 170
- MS Windows build: update to gnuplot 4.3 CVS as of March 2009
- Enhancements for GUI menu item "Count missing values"
- tsls: add Stock-Yogo minimum eigenvalue test for weak instruments
- Modify the files in the win32 subdirectory of the gretl source to
  support building on MS Windows with mingw/msys
- Enforce the prohibition on using gretl command words as names for
- Script editing window: add "New" and "Open" buttons
- New function psdroot: find the Cholesky-type root of a positive
  semidefinite (and possibly singular) matrix
- New function filter: compute an ARMA-like filtering of a series
- Add a GUI language selector (by popular request!)
- "restrict" command: accept scalar variables in place of numerical
- "genr" with lists: allow boolean comparison of a list to a scalar,
  returning a series
- Add new string function "tolower"
- Rename "lmtest" command to "modtest"
- Add --comfac option to "modtest" for testing common factor
  restriction in models estimated via an AR(1) method
- Add user-level access to the Kalman filter, with a new command
  "kalman" and new functions kfilter, ksmooth and ksimul

 2009-01-23 Version 1.8.0 [Back to top]
- Fix bug: crash in "Add random variable" dialog
- Translation fixes
- Add new command: "modprint"
- Remove obsolete commands: "rhodiff" and "hccm"
- Speed-ups for the pdf() function as applied to a series argument
- New option --numeric for the nls and mle commands, to force the use
  of numerical derivatives
- Numerous small graphing and GUI fixes
- MS Windows: fix for opening graphs in old session files
- Graphs: "display PDF" option: fix possible encoding issue
- GUI graph controller: new facility to add a line, defined via a
  formula, to an existing graph
- GUI graph controller: add facility to choose point style
- Gnuplot line-color selector: extend to 6 colors, and distinguish
  between setting the "palette" and setting ad hoc colors for a
  specific graph
- Scalars: make these accessible via the icon view window; enable
  copying to clipboard as CSV; enable entry of a formula (starting
  with "=") in scalar-editing window
- Fix encoding issue when copying to clipboard as plain text or RTF
- Boxplots: hand the production of these over to gnuplot
- New function: urcpval(), gives user access to James MacKinnon's
  p-values for unit root and cointegration test statistics (tau)
- New function: mpols(), enables multiple-precision OLS for
  user-defined matrices
- New function: toepsolv(), solves a Toeplitz system of linear
- New function: mcovg(), matrix covariogram
- Improve error-reporting in relation to GUI genr dialog
- Make parsing of input from GUI ARMA dialog more robust
- New feature: add importer for SPSS .sav files
- CSV importer: try to handle time-series data in reverse
  chronological order
- "fcast": allow variables for the startobs and endobs arguments; add
  "rolling" k-step-ahead option
- Fix bug in ADF --verbose printout (wrong p-value shown for one
  lagged difference in some cases)
- GUI plot editor: translate the gnuplot style strings
- Switch to more compact tabular form for presenting model statistics
- OLS and fixed effects: add option to calculate p-value for the
  Durbin-Watson statistic
- Add accessors $Fstat and $chisq for the overall F-statistic or
  chi-square test from the last model
- Make the "restrict" command available for nls, mle and gmm
- Improve forecasting options for nls models
- Add model menu item: "Modify model", under the Edit menu, provides
  a clone of the model specification
- Loops: allow the "gnuplot" command, operating strictly in batch
- New command "intreg": implements interval regression
- Several updates to the documentation
- Fix bugs 2042328, 2472732, 2510727, 2510759

 2008-09-28 Version 1.7.9 [Back to top]
- Revamp the data structure "wizard"
- Fix bugs 2102478, 2116172, 2118506
- Periodogram graph: fix bug for case where the locale decimal
  separator is not '.'
- Add Russian translation, Turkish translation
- Small GUI fixes
- Modifications to web-downloader for new server settings
- Fix for non-ascii file names in session files on MS Windows
- genr: fix for unary minus in exponentiation (e.g. x^-.5)
- nls: fix R^2 printout
- dummify function: accept a second argument (see the help for
- ordered probit/logit: fix bug with displaying these models in the
  GUI model window

 2008-09-14 Version 1.7.8 [Back to top]
- Add a language-switching option to the gretl GUI (under
- Improve formatting of HCCME options pane
- Fix breakage in "rename" command (renaming series)
- Fix bug 2089048
- Enable Chow test for non-time series datasets
- Revise formatting style for model output
- Change the label "standard error of residuals" to "standard error
  of the regression"
- Allow users to change the text size in help windows
- Fix two more bugs in connection with user-defined functions in the
  context of a sub-sampled dataset
- Fix bug: with the --panel-vars option to the "setobs" command,
  check more carefully the validity of the supposed unit and
  time-period index variables
- Chow test: perform a robust version if the original model was
  estimated using an HCCME
- OS X package: fix for the problem whereby GTK could lose track of
  its image-loading modules
- CSV data: improve recognition of daily dates
- PCA: fix column-order of components in printout for the case of
  more than 7 components
- Small fixes for opening of datafiles in GUI
- GARCH: add --nc option to suppress the constant in the mean
  equation; add --fcp option to use Fiorentini et al code; expand and
  update help entry
- Periodogram graph: always base y-axis at zero
- Seasonal ARMA: fix for bad handling of automatically added scalars

 2008-08-28 Version 1.7.7 [Back to top]
- Revamp of internal handling of scalar variables
- The --preserve option to the "nulldata" and "open" commands now
  preserves existing scalars as well as matrices
- Windows package: update to GTK+ 2.12.11 and friends
- Inside functions: restrict the smpl command within the bounds set
  on entry to the function
- setobs command: if used inside a function, revert the effects on
- ordered probit/logit: fix for the case where the dependent variable
  does not form a continuous integer sequence; fix reporting of
  information criteria; switch to the mode of presentation of
  cut-points used by Stata and R
- string-editing dialogs: ensure we have a cancel button
- Saving data when the dataset is currently sub-sampled: fix breakage
  whereby the option to restore the full dataset was not shown
- Naming variables: put in place more stringent checking to avoid
  name collisions across series, scalars, matrices, etc.
- VARs in saved sessions: ensure that we save the information needed
  for subsequent bootstrap analyses
- Fix the mechanism for searching for a user's customized LaTeX
  preamble file (got broken at some point)
- LaTeX compilation: be more lenient -- getting some output on
  standard error does not necessarily mean that compilation has
- Determining the main gretl directory: try to handle the case where
  the user has a stale ~/.gretl2rc file
- Minor OS X fixes
- Respect keyboard "Esc" as dialog "Cancel" more consistently
- Variable selection dialogs: allow use of right and left arrow keys
  to activate the "Add" and "Remove" buttons
- Linear models without a constant: print the centered R^2 as well as
  the uncentered
- Fix for reading native data files containing auto-generated lags:
  re-establish the lag info correctly

 2008-07-30 Version 1.7.6 [Back to top]
- Fix bug: revise the way that list arguments to user-defined
  functions are handled, to avoid potential namespace collisions
- Add menu item: Variable/Normality test
- Add $xlist accessor: gets the list of regressors from the last
- Add $version accessor: gets the gretl version
- Add $windows accessor (1 if running on MS Windows, else 0)
- Add $datatype accessor (see function help)
- Remove some redundant preferences items
- Fix bugs 1996156, 1996161, 2017872, 2027121
- MLE fixes
- Fix for RTF output from GUI model table
- Function package help: ensure this is not truncated
- Fix bug: incorrect generation of NAs when doing "genr unitdum" on a
  sub-sampled panel dataset
- Add new panel data functions: pmax, pmin, pnobs
- Internal: recode parts of the gretl GUI to avoid dependence on
  deprecated GTK APIs
- Speed-ups for loops containing genr commands
- Several fixes for reading and writing gretl session files
- Function packages: add facility to append a sample script
- Enhancements for GUI function-packager
- File dialogs: try to ensure that focus falls back to the right
  window when such windows are closed

 2008-06-13 Version 1.7.5 [Back to top]
- max() and min() functions: extend the syntax to allow a list
- Reading CSV data: automatically substitute '_' for illegal
  characters in variable names
- Support DESTDIR for make install
- Add Weibull distribution to the various gretl probability
  distribution functions
- Fix for parsing a restriction with leading numerical term
- New functions: pdf, sdc, msortby
- User-defined functions: allow a descriptive string to accompany
  each parameter, for use in GUI
- Add $unit accessor to get a panel unit index
- Add "--breusch-pagan" option to lmtest command (with --robust
  option to use the Koenker robust variance estimator); also add this
  test to the GUI
- Fix some bugs in sub-sampling of panel datasets
- Revise the GUI for setting the sample range for panel data
- Improvements for panel time-series graphs
- Fix bug in importing data with long numeric observation labels
- printf command: allow matrices in place of scalars (e.g. using "%f"
  or "%g" conversion)
- GUI script output window: add option of making output "sticky"
  (running a script appends to text)
- Add log-axis option to GUI graph editing dialog
- GUI program: add right-click popup menus to more windows
- Fix bugs 1929957, 1922915, 1951681, 1954428, 1954838, 1960861,
  1969680, 1972629, 1972613, 1980775
- Add guard against unmatched "if" in loops, functions and scripts
- Fix bug: VARs and equation systems not getting removed as "last
  model" on exit from user-defined functions, which could cause
  strange errors in complex scripts
- Fix for forecasts from equation systems displayed in the GUI
- Updates to some screenshots in the User's Guide
- pca command: add --covariance option to base the analysis on the
  covariance matrix instead of the correlation matrix
- corr command: document the --uniform option and add it to the GUI
- Fix bug: loops inside conditionals inside a loop were not executing
  properly in some cases
- X-Y scatterplot: add option of controlling for a third variable
- hsk command: fix for the case where the model includes a dummy that
  is specific to a particular observation
- arima specification dialog: add checkbox for basing standard errors
  on the Hessian
- store, outfile, etc.: if the filename starts with "~/", expand this
  to the user's home directory, if possible
- Search for data file collections: add the user's gretl data
  directory ("dotdir") to the path searched
- "append" command: try harder to make this do what the user is most
  likely to want in the case of panel data
- frequency distribution in GUI: allow choice of bin size, as with
  frequency plot
- fixed effects estimation: print the average constant
- eigengen function: make this behave as the manual says
- OLS anova: add p-value for the F-statistic
- Fix VECM forecast graph in GUI ("pre-forecast" fitted values were
  not integrated)
- "open" command: add options for controlling importation from
- add "set debug" option for deugging user-defined functions
- GUI function package: add option to save the packaged functions as
  a regular gretl script
- Fix bug in modification of LMF autocorrelation test (bug was
  introduced in gretl 1.7.4)
- Script editor: add option to show line numbers
- Native database windows: add right-click popup menu
- Local function package listing: sort alphabetically
- logit/probit: add code to detect perfect classifiers
- "tabprint" model-printing command: add --rtf option to produce RTF
  output rather than LaTeX
- Windows build: update to Lapack version 3.1.1
- Add quantile regression ("quantreg" command)
- Add experimental support for importing data from an external
  database via ODBC
- Add "normest" command to test a series for normality, with options
  of Doornik-Hansen, Shapiro-Wilk or Jarque-Bera
- Model window, confidence intervals for coefficients: add option of
  changing the confidence level from the default of 95 percent; and
  similarly for confidence ellipses
- Add facility for writing and executing R scripts via the gretl GUI
- Durbin-Watson statistic: supply a larger table of critical values
  (thanks to Marcin Blazejowski and Tadeusz Kufel)

 2008-03-21 Version 1.7.4 [Back to top]
- Fix for ADF-GLS test with missing values
- Fix for detection of unit-diagonal matrix (oops!)
- Merge fit and fcasterr commands with fcast
- Add $fcast and $fcerr accessors for use with fcast
- Autocorrelation test: use Kiviet's original 1986 formula for the
  LMF statistic
- "system" command: enable naming of systems in the manner "sysname
  <- system"; enable forecasts; make parsing of identities more
  robust; enable TeX view/print in GUI; add new accessors $yhat,
  $sysGamma, $sysA, $sysB
- "estimate" command: add --quiet option
- remove obsolete command: multiply
- Consolidate the commands corc, hilu and pwe into one new command
  with options: ar1
- Fix for the case of graphing 6 time series together
- Fix bugs 1908139, 1909469
- Fix documentation of $stopwatch
- Move handling of strings into "genr"; add strlen function
- fdjac and BFGSmax functions: don't require that the function-call
  argument be wrapped in quotes
- "corr" command: allow printing of ranked data for Kendall's tau as
  well as spearman (verbose option); also add a verbose check-box to
  the rank-correlation dialog
- User's Guide: add a discussion of Arellano-Bond
- Enable "delete" command for saved strings
- Enable naming of matrix columns, via colnames function or the GUI
  matrix editor
- Enable "dataset resample" in loops (experimental)
- Runs test: enable the "--difference" option in the CLI; handle the
  case where positive and negative values are not equiprobable by
  default, but add an "--equal" option to impose the equiprobability
- Fix for "data error" in VECM autocorrelation tests (for now we'll
  just do Ljung-Box)
- Fix sub-sampling bug (new in 1.7.3)

 2008-02-29 Version 1.7.3 [Back to top]
- Fix for 64-bit platforms: don't use "long" as the C counterpart of
  Fortran 77 "INTEGER"
- Make the rcond function available for asymmetric matrices
- Enable the $yhat accessor for fitted values in equation systems
- Add Italian function help to Windows build
- Weekly to monthly data compaction: respect the user's choice of
  compaction method, as claimed
- Add trimr matrix function (as in Gauss)
- Extend matrix "division" a la Gauss
- Disallow user functions with the same name as a built-in function
- Update several screenshots in User's Guide

 2008-02-25 Version 1.7.2 [Back to top]
- list-creation: add "dataset" option to use all currently available
  data series
- Fix bug in recording result of TSLS heteroskedasticity test
- Add sscanf command (a subset of C sscanf functionality)
- Add shell capture for strings via $(shellcommand)
- Paths stuff: add (non-configurable) "dotdir" to hold per-user
  automatically-created files
- Fix bugs 1861010, 1868859, 1869271, 1870459, 1870973, 1871110,
  1871135, 1873625, 1874601, 1881849, 1897648
- Rationalize frequency plot dialog
- Add Help item to forecast dialog
- Fixes for matrix "dot operations"
- Fix breakage in graph color selector
- Fixes for ODS spreadsheet importer
- Document the --auto option for the "omit" command, and add a GUI
  handle for it
- MS Windows and OS X packages: update to gnuplot 4.3 (CVS)
- Graphing internals: use UTF-8 for internationalized strings
- Models having an exact fit: block various invalid tests
- det() function: fix for singular matrices
- GUI script editor enhancements
- Allow drag of database from databases-on-server window to local
  native databases window; also function packages from server to
  local function package window
- Add basic support for the DF-GLS test via a new --gls option to the
  adf command
- Add selifc and selifr matrix functions
- Generalize several functions to accept matrix as well as series
  argument, e.g. quantile, diff, cum, resample
- Add new accessors for TSLS test results: $hausman and $sargan
- Many small improvements to the GUI
- Add systematic documentation for the functions available in the
  genr command
- Enable "append" command in loops
- Ordered logit and probit: don't insist that the dependent variable
  has a minimum of zero
- Windows installer: update GTK version, packaged zlib1.dll, and
  gtksourceview DLL.
- Fix bug in arima auto-differencing, for non-seasonal order greater
  than 1 plus seasonal differencing

 2007-12-25 Version 1.7.1 [Back to top]
- Add documentation for "set stopwatch"
- Add movavg function to genr (not documented yet)
- Add autocorrelation and heteroskedasticity tests for models
  estimated via TSLS
- Add "dataset resample n" command to resample observations with
  replacement (not documented yet)
- Add functions for matrix I/O from/to text files
- Fix garch bug when p!=q
- Fix bugs: 1848487, 1847908, 1850842, 1848039, 1840179, 	1842439,
  1841098, 1843664, 1835707, 1841107, 1841774
- Fix bugs in saving/re-opening restricted VECM models as part of a
  gretl session
- Fix bug in CUSUM/CUSUMSQ plots for time series data frequency
  greater than 1
- Work around strange behavior of gnuplot 4.2 on Ubuntu
- Reinstate user-level choice of "Windows-look" emulation
- Reinstate user choice of menu font on Windows
- Script editor: add right-click popup with menu items to
  comment/uncomment selected block of commands, and to execute a line
  or region
- genr: fix for case where closing parenthesis is missing at the end
  of a formula
- OS X: replace fftw library with an i386 build
- Toolbar: use GTK stock icons where possible
- Gnuplot commands editor: fix behavior of save button
- Time series plot, more than one series: add option to show separate
  small plots
- Output from script execution: reuse existing output window if it's
  left open
- Add set variable "fcp" to use Fiorentini, Calzolari and Panattoni
  GARCH code
- Add set variable for max iterations in a "while" loop
- Fix bug: missing data handled incorrectly in ascii graphs
- Removed obsolete genr function varnum()
- Renaming session objects: move to popup menu
- Saving text from output windows: give choice of saving to file, or
  as session icon
- Commands allowable in loops: enable all but a fairly small subset
- Shell command: when invoked in gui console, send output to gui
- Fix handling of "quit" when it's blocked by "if"

 2007-11-27 Version 1.7.0 [Back to top]
- Add heckit estimator
- Add estimation/testing for restricted VECM models
- Fix for loop on empty list
- Fix for remaining issues with apostrophes in graph titles
- Fix for lists as arguments for user-defined functions
- Fix for saved sessions after using Forecast menu items
- Fix for long variable names in Model Graph menus
- Improve formatting for nonparametric difference test
- Improve formatting for "freq" command; also add --silent option for
  this command
- Add ceil() and floor() functions in genr
- Add "--p-values" option to show p-values instead of slopes for
  logit, probit models
- Add options to GUI for xtab command (cross-tabulation); also add
  Fisher's Exact Test for 2 x 2 tables
- Fix for graphing the time trend, and for graphs displaying more
  than 8 series
- Fix for length of correlogram on weekly data
- Fix for null matrix arguments to user functions in GUI
- Fix for floating point values in "set" when using decimal comma
- Fix for opening cross-sectional gretl data sets in R version 2.5.0
  or higher
- Fixes for autoregressive genr formula: speed-up, and fix bug when
  such formulae are used in an nls/mle block
- Double maximum length to gretl command line to 8192 bytes
- Gamma p-values: switch to shape/scale parameterization
- Spearman's rho: fix for case with ties
- Allow for syntax change re. missing values in gnuplot 4.3
- "corr" command: add --spearman and --kendall options
- Rank correlation in GUI: add Kendall's tau option
- Fix a few issues with extreme values in cdf, pvalue code
- add gamma() function in genr to generate gamma random variable
- Modify Locke's test to use Kendall's tau
- Add ginv() (Moore-Penrose inverse) matrix function
- Add multivariate Portmanteau test for autocorrelation in VARs
- Allow concatenation of multiple short-form options, as in "-rdq"
- Modify retrieval of info from VARs: $coeff gets the matrix of
  coefficients, $compan gets the companion matrix
- New accessor: $gmmcrit gets the GMM criterion for a model estimated
  via GMM
- gretlcli: Ctrl-X exits without prompting for save
- Databases: allow selection of more than one series for display,
  graphing, importing
- Databases: allowing deletion of series from native gretl databases
  (if the user has write access)
- New command, "dataset": subsumes the old "addobs" and "transpos",
  while adding new options
- fftw DLL for Windows: fix a problem experienced on some Windows
- Generation of random variables in GUI: use an interface consistent
  with that for p-values, critical values, etc.
- Fix for XLS importer with non-zero column offset
- Improve error detection and recovery for adding case markers from
- Graphs: try to respect line color choices when exporting to
  postscript and PDF
- Small improvements to built-in data editor
- ARMA: allow specification of particular AR and/or MA lags (int the
  non-seasonal component only)
- Add importer for Open Document Spreadsheet files
- MS Windows: update to version 2.12 of GTK runtime
- MS Windows: update to gnuplot 4.2.2, and add switch in graph
  editing dialog to prevent anti-aliasing of lines
- GUI linear restrictions dialog: fix bug whereby parameter names
  were not accepted
- Saving databases: fix effect of --overwrite flag to do what the
  manual says
- Databases on Windows: look in the gretl user directory as well as
  the system db directory
- add argname() function for use in user functions
- Panel, unit-weights: fix omit command
- Fix bug in mailer dialog (crash when closed via window manager)

 2007-05-17 Version 1.6.5 [Back to top]
- Fix new breakage in configuration of user directory
- Updates to manual
- Mark some more strings for translation
- Add new menu set /Tools/Nonparametric tests, with GUI access to the
  "difftest" and "runs" commands
- Add --difference option for runs command
- Various small bug-fixes

 2007-05-13 Version 1.6.4 [Back to top]
- Fix breakage in relation to the Windows registry
- Fixes for accented characters in graphs, on systems with UTF-8 as
  the standard character encoding
- Additional fixes for Polish text in graphs

 2007-05-10 Version 1.6.3 [Back to top]
- Add facility for bootstrap analysis in GUI, for OLS
- Model table: fixes for including panel models; allow up to 12
  models; formatting enhancements
- Fix bug in panel autocorrelation test (lmtest command)
- Add fft() matrix function (Fast Fourier Transform)
- Add cmult() matrix function (complex multiplication)
- Add quantile() function in genr
- Add production of restricted estimates to the "restrict" command as
  applied to VECMs
- Multiple fixes for session icon handling
- LAD models: print the median of the dependent variable
- Matrix properties window in GUI: add an indication of whether or
  not a square matrix is idempotent
- Panel data, pooled OLS model: when robust standard errors are
  chosen, use the Arellano-type HAC estimator (well, it's HAC when
  the time-series dimension is small); also offer Beck-Katz Panel
  Corrected Standard Errors
- Apply the above to tsls in a panel context also
- Panel data, "summary" command for single variable: show the within
  and between standard deviations
- Add "--quiet" option to lmtest command (don't print the auxiliary
- Observation labels: ensure these are properly XML-encoded when
  saving a data set as gdt
- Fix bug that could cause a crash when exiting the program on MS
- Fix bug: crash when saving a graph as an icon, when the icon window
  is currently displayed
- Fix an encoding issue with the command-line help files on platforms
  where the default encoding is UTF-8
- Correlation matrix: try to be smarter in face of non-aligned
  missing observations
- CSV data: add support for Mac-style text files
- "loop" command, "progressive" option: fixes for the case where this
  is invoked for loops other than the simple "count" type
- Further optimization of gretl_matrix functions
- Various modifications to the configuration process

 2007-03-24 Version 1.6.2 [Back to top]
- Add Poisson distribution to p-value finder
- Fix breakage in GUI "graph page" apparatus
- Graph page: give color / monochrome option
- Bivariate scatterplots: give the option of showing various sorts of
  fitted line: linear, quadratic, inverse or loess
- Monochrome EMF graphs: make sure point types are distinct for
  different series
- Internal clean-up of the graphing code
- Make frequency plots more configurable via the GUI
- Fix memory leaks in GUI graph editor dialog
- Bugfix: estimating models inside nested functions could cause a
- Session icon window: don't display temporary matrices, generated
  within functions
- Icon window: fix display on one-character object names
- Fix memory leak when generating some sorts of matrices
- Add option of using Parzen or Quadratic Spectral kernel (the
  default is Bartlett) when computing HAC covariance matrix
- Add a toolbar to windows that display lists of files
- Several fixes and enhancements for function package editor
- Fix for "omit" command in relation to arbond estimation
- Correlation matrix, etc, in GUI: don't disable menu items if only
  one variable is selected
- System estimation: fix breakage of the "save=" mechanism for
  residuals and/or fitted values
- gmm: improve syntax handling for orthogonality conditions
- Update the API documentation (still very much incomplete)
- Update gnuplot to version 4.2.0 in the Windows installer

 2007-02-26 Version 1.6.1 [Back to top]
- Revamp for internal "genr" mechanism plus some user-visible changes
  to genr
- Make the "delete" command do what the manual says
- Doing "Edit attributes" on a newly generated variable: you can edit
  the formula and hence change the content of the variable
- Displaying table of summary statistics for multiple variables:
  allow slightly longer variable names before falling back from
  combined tabular format to individual tables
- Sorting variables in main window: always revert to sort by ID
  number after making changes (e.g. loading a new dataset)
- Main-window variable listing: don't always jump to line 1 after
  making changes
- When you "Save as" in the Command log window, ensure that all the
  regular script-editing signals are properly connected (e.g. the
  state of the Save icon responds appropriately)
- "dummify" command: add options --drop-first and --drop-last; make
  --drop-first the default when the dummify() construct is used in a
  regression list
- Add ordered probit analysis for the case where the dependent
  variable is discrete but not binary
- Add computation of generalized residuals in various estimators
- Revamp Tobit estimation: use BFGS instead of BHHH, allow --robust
  option and add normality test
- Fix some bugs and inconsistencies in relation to the Ljung-Box
  statistic and ACFs
- Fix bug in the Baxter-King filter routine
- Add the CUSUMSQ test alongside CUSUM
- Add test version of Arellano-Bond dynamic panel data estimation
- Fix bug in GUI spreadsheet in relation to adding variables
- Fix bug in restricting the sample in the GUI, for the case where's
  there's already a restriction in place
- QLR test: add time-series graph of F test
- new command "xcorrgm" for cross-correlogram of 2 variables
- Add bivariate normal to cdf()
- New modular engine for garch estimation (no user-visible changes
  for now)
- Make window size for semiparametric estimators of the fractional
  integration parameter adjustable by the user
- Make the number of bins for a frequency plot adjustable via GUI
- Add facility to generate Binomial and Poisson random variables
- Row format for tabular output of models in TeX: make this
- Add several matrix functions
- Add nonlinear GMM estimation (experimental)
- Numerous small bug-fixes

 2006-09-13 Version 1.6.0 [Back to top]
- Revamp mechanism for saving sessions in gui program (we now save
  sessions as zipfiles containing XML representations of any models
  that have been estimated)
- Add "native" exact ML estimation of ARMA models using the Kalman
- Saving data in native gretl format: make gzip compression the
- Add some basic functionality for analysis of discrete variables.
  New behavior of frequency distribution, plus new commands:
  "discrete" (interpret variables as discrete), "dummify" (create a
  set of dummies coding for the values of a discrete variable), and
  "xtab" (cross-tabulation of two discrete variables)
- Don't add an extra newline at the end of plain text data files
  (e.g. CSV)
- "restrict" command for single equations: add a printout of the
  restricted coefficient estimates and standard errors
- Add mechanism for packaging user-defined functions so as to make
  these available for other users; also add a mechanism for
  downloading such packages from a server, and for uploading new
  packages to the server
- Redefine the weight variable in gretl's "wls" command, for better
  compatibility with other programs: the weight var is now defined as
  the series of diagonal elements of the weighting matrix, so
  existing gretl scripts that use wls should square the old weight
- Don't print the "model has no constant" message, and do not use
  special methods to calculate R^2 and F, if the set of regressors
  spans the space of a constant
- Indexing of coefficients in "restrict" command: standardize on
  using a 1-based index in all contexts
- Revamp panel data estimation: redefine the "panel" command for
  fixed- or random-effects estimation, rename the old "panel" command
  as "paneldat"; refine calculation of Hausman test statistic
- Lags in main window: make these visible under their parent
  variable, via a "twisty" triangle
- Revamp multiple-precision models: add more statistics, and make
  them available for capture via genr
- Revamp test for differences of two means in the GUI hypothesis test
- Imposing panel structure on a data set: add the option of defining
  the structure by reference to two index variables, one for the unit
  and one for the period -- this is implemented in the "setobs"
  command and the GUI data structure wizard
- Add --robust option to nls command (nonlinear least squares)
- Add --hessian and --robust options to the mle command, which
  respectively produce a covariance matrix based on the Hessian and a
  QML sandwich estimator of the covariance matrix
- Add Quandt likelihood ratio (QLR) test for structural break
- ADF and KPSS tests: add option to difference the selected variable
  before testing
- Delimiter for "CSV" files: add semicolon to the list of options
- VECMs: make Johansen's alpha and beta retrievable as matrices with
  identifiers $jalpha and $jbeta
- Several bug-fixes for the matrix manipulation facility, plus a few
  new functions (meanr, meanc)
- GUI menus restructured and polished
- Add facility for multiple time-series graphs from the GUI
- Revamp the "--ten" option for printing variables to 10 digits:
  replace with a configurable "--long" option
- Graph editing dialog: make the line width configurable, and also
  make the preferred line width settable per variable in the "Edit
  attributes" dialog
- Data import and export: add option for reading and saving data in
  JMulTi format
- Databases: add capacity to read PcGive in7/bn7 databases
- Gretl command minibuffer: model commands now produce GUI model
  windows (for single-equation methods)
- QR decomposition option: fix the F-statistic values produced for
  autoregressive models
- pvalue() function: always return the right-hand value, but add a
  complementary cdf() function that always gives the left-hand value
- NIST linear regression test suite: re-express accuracy in terms of
  log relative error, plus other enhancements
- Generating random variables: add option to generate t and
  chi-square values in GUI; add option of setting the PRNG seed to
  the GUI variable-generation dialogs
- Time-series filters: Add Hodrick-Prescott and Baxter-King filters
  as a GUI menu item, along with simple moving average and
  exponential moving average
- Engle-Granger cointegration test: improve printout, add option to
  test down for the lag order, and fix an issue with the selection of
  the MacKinnon p-value for this test
- Tobit: enable handling of missing observations for this estimator

 2006-03-24 Version 1.5.1 [Back to top]
- Add matrix manipulation functionality
- Fix translation bug for VAR menus
- Fix bug in assignment of values returned from user-defined
- Small fix for helpfile formatting
- Add calculation of Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve to GUI
  Variable menu
- Provide option of including seasonal dummy variables in
  Dickey-Fuller tests
- Add two more "genr" functions: qnorm (quantiles of normal
  distribution) and gini (Gini coefficient)
- Fix some bugs in handling of named lists, and start documenting
  this properly
- Enforce use of '.' as decimal separator in genr formulae
- Fix filename encoding issue with opening of CSV files
- Eliminate deprecated command "sim"
- Extend maximum length of variable names to 15 characters
- Disable "shell" command by default (it can be enabled under
- Change the names of the internal variables coeff, stderr and rho to
  $coeff, $stderr and $rho
- Add various keyboard shortcuts to main window, including Alt-X for
  a "gretl minibuffer" a la Emacs
- Time series model menu: add option for selecting optimal lag length
  for a VAR, based on information criteria
- VARs: add a "Tests" menu item to GUI VAR window, permitting tests
  for omission of exogenous variables (if any)
- Model window, Graphs menu: if the data are time series, add options
  to view the correlogram and periodogram of the residual from the
- Add Hannan-Quinn criterion in all contexts where Akaike and and
  Schwartz criteria are shown
- Various fixes for model selection dialog
- win32: fix the issue whereby copy-and-pasted EMFs had a large
  margin to the top and right
- win32: fix opening of files with non-ascii characters in their
- XLS and Gnumeric importers: supply automatic varnames if no
  variable names are present
- ARMA: Alter presentation of parameter estimates (call them "phi"
  and "theta"); provide native multiplicative seasonal models
- Fix issue with spectrum plot when the order of magnitude of the
  series is very low
- Introduce "set" parameters for tweaking the BHHH algorithm
  convergence criteria
- Add GUI lag selector
- VARs: add numerical output to VAR roots plot
- Allow commands like var and arma to be specified with a scalar
  variable as order
- Add "dsort" command for reverse sorting
- Enhance and robustify script capabilities

 2005-12-15 Version 1.5.0 [Back to top]
- Add VECM (Vector Error Correction Models) for time-series data
- Add confidence ellipse option for two coefficients, in model window
- New command "mle" : a general-purpose maximizer of log likelihood,
  using the BFGS algorithm -- works much like the "nls" command,
  taking a user-specified log likelihood function as input, along
  with (optionally) derivatives of the log likelihood with respect to
  the parameters
- More XLS importer fixes
- Add support for seasonal ARMA; add "sdiff" command (and
  corresponding function in genr) for creating seasonal differences
- Add capacity to produce time-series graphs with panel data sets
- Accommodate custom time-series frequencies
- Johansen cointegration test: extend to cover all 5 cases, produce a
  fuller report (loadings, long-run matrix)
- Add bootstrapped confidence intervals for impulse responses in VAR
- Add test for multivariate normality of VAR residuals
- Add autocorrelation and ARCH tests for VAR equations
- Add printing of cross-equation covariance matrix for VARs
- Add combined plot of residuals for VARs
- Add combined impulse response plot for VARs
- Add log-likelihood, AIC and BIC for VARs
- Add inverse roots plot for VARs (Jack Lucchetti)
- Add log-likelihood for models estimated via OLS
- Add "robust" option for logit and probit (compute QML or
  Huber-White covariance matrix)
- Add "robust" standard errors option for WLS
- Remove overly verbose notification dialogs
- Add importers for Eviews workfiles and Stata .dta files
- Editable windows: show Save button as disabled if there's nothing
  to be saved
- Model selection dialog: ensure that the selected regressand is not
  also listed among the regressors
- Graph editing: make several more types of graph editable
- Graph saving: add PDF option if it's supported by gnuplot
- Main window: don't show generated lags in the list of variables
- ARMA: remove the ARMA item from the Variable menu (it's still there
  in the Model menu); revamp the X-12-ARIMA driver so it can handle
  models with exogenous regressors
- gretl graph page: add option to save as TeX source
- TeX: enable pdflatex and viewing of TeX output in PDF form (to use
  pdflatex, enter this as the name of the program to compile TeX
  files under /File/Preferences/General/Programs; this is now the
  default on Windows)
- Add "Send To" (email) functionality for data files and scripts
- "store" command: take file type from filename suffix for ".R" (GNU
  R format), ".m" (Octave format) and ".csv" (comma- separated)
- Add new "set" variable, "csv_delim", which sets the delimiter used
  when exporting data as CSV -- valid options are "comma" (the
  default), "space" and "tab"
- Add a new option for CSV export, "--omit-obs": suppresses the
  printing of a first column containing the observations
- X-Y graphs: display equation of fitted line when a fitted line is
- X-Y graphs: when fitted line is shown, add "OLS estimates" menu
  item to see details of the simple regression
- Graphs with labeled data-points: give option of showing all labels
  (for n < 55)
- Windows displaying two to five data series: add toolbar option to
  sort the data, with choice of variable by which to sort
- Test statistic calculator (Utilities menu): besides the entry of
  numerical values for sample statistics, enable the calculation of
  sample statistics based on selection of variables from the current
  data set, with or without sub-sampling restrictions
- Revamp the "online" (plain text) help system
- Split gretl manual into a User's Guide and a Command Reference and
  update both parts

 2005-06-30 Version 1.4.1 [Back to top]
- Fix horrid unnoticed breakage in bhhh_max (broke both arma and
  tobit, big mess)
- Add utf8 validation/conversion for database descriptions (Banco de
  Espana databases)
- Allow dynamic forecasts with models estimated via corc and similar

 2005-06-29 Version 1.4.0 [Back to top]
- Revise definition of functions in gretl scripts (a backward-
  incompatible change) in the interest of more structured programming
- Introduce named lists as a type that can be created and manipulated
- Big revamp of forecasting code.  Make forecasts available for all
  types of models; give a choice of static versus dynamic forecasting
  where relevant; make forecast standard errors available in more
- Increase max length of gretl script command line to 4095 bytes
- Add support for decennial data
- Fix for finding TrueType graph fonts on Windows 2000
- Add new "set" option: "horizon", to configure horizon for impulse
  responses in context of VARs; also add dialog box to set horizon
  for impulse response graphs in GUI
- Disable autocorrelation and ARCH tests in gui model test menu, in
  case of cross-sectional data
- Add Local Whittle Estimator for fractional integration, in context
  of periodogram command
- Add fracdiff function (fractional differencing) to the genr command
- sort function in genr: save sorted case markers if the dataset has
  case markers
- Bug fixes for data editing spreadsheet
- Another bug fix for the XLS importer
- In correlogram (acf) output, show calculated 5% critical value
- Correlogram: acf calculations should not use more than 20 percent
  of the available data by default (Tadeusz Kufel)
- Fix bug in Tobit command in the gretl GUI
- "omit" command: add asymptotic Wald test for joint significance of
  omitted variables, for estimators other than OLS
- ADF test: allow greater lag length if the data permit
- Add facility to import GNU Octave ascii data files
- Improvements to formatting in Spanish translation
- In statistical tables utility, add a bit more information for
  Durbin-Watson and improve formatting
- smpl --restrict: make it not an error if the restriction has no
  effect (drops no observations)
- Confidence interval for coefficients, GUI model menu: make
  available for all models
- Add matrix of actual and predicted outcomes to the printout of
  results for discrete models
- Improvements to many dialog boxes
- Numerous small bug-fixes

 2005-03-14 Version 1.3.3 [Back to top]
- Add "poisson" command (thanks to Jack Lucchetti)
- Fix memory leak in VAR command with impulse responses, in the
  command-line program
- Fix bug: possible crash in "loop foreach" if an invalid variable
  name is given
- Fix bug: "display data" broken in gui program for long datasets
  ("press a key to continue" mechanism was invoked erroneously)
- Fix bug: wrong variable shown when you select "Display actual,
  fitted, residual" for a GARCH model
- Fix bug: hausman test for pooled model would crash if there were
  not sufficient degrees of freedom to estimate the group means model
- Fix bug: crash if default data and script files not installed with
  program (thanks to Ignacio and Dirk for finding this)
- Fix bug in genr: unary minus could be wrongly handled within the
  argument to a function
- Fixes for appending data (make more flexible: allow appending of
  observations and/or variables)
- Fixes for cointegration tests: improve dialogs and prevent crash on
  selection of just one variable plus the constant
- Fix naming of Mahalanobis distances variable
- Respect omission of constant from an ARMAX model
- Graph control dialog: add one-click option to force use of a single
  y axis
- New: in case of AR(1) estimation (Cochrane-Orcutt and similar), if
  a lagged dependent variable is included then we automatically use
  the procedure set out in Ramanathan, 5e, p. 450, to generate
  consistent estimates of the standard errors
- Fix: gui menu items for test of equality of means, with equal or
  unequal variances: these were hooked up in reverse
- corc, hilu and pwe AR(1) commands: make these available in loop
- add "quiet" option for the commands adf, kpss and wls
- add "simple-print" option for ols command (just print the
  coefficient table, with no auxiliary statistics)
- add "mahal" command: calculate Mahalanobis distances given a set of
  variables; also available in GUI via right-click popup menu when
  more than one variable is selected in the main window
- genr command: $nvars gives the number of variables in the dataset

 2005-01-28 Version 1.3.2 [Back to top]
- Fix bug in auto-determination of lag in ADF test: was looking at
  the wrong coefficient in some cases
- Fix bug in VAR impulse responses: could get messed up by missing
  values that differ across series
- Fix bug: crash on generating LaTeX tabular output for a model
  estimated using robust standard errors (format string issue)
- Fix bug: the session "graph page" was not appearing even when a
  valid latex executable was available
- Fix bug: gretl console would not respond in case of an error when
  executing a command loop
- Fix bug: the "restrict" command failed in the GUI program when not
  applied to a named equation system
- Fix bug: printing "-inf" for AIC and BIC in case of a perfect
  linear fit
- Fix various issues in relaton to nested loops (for example, where
  the control variable for a given loop is not yet defined at compile
  time, but will be defined in an embedding loop)
- Fix sort-of bug: possible runaway generation of graphs in response
  to some loop commands
- Improve efficiency of test for existence of helper programs on
- Add auto-lag option to the GUI dialog box for the ADF test
- Remember the options selected in the ADF dialog from one invocation
  to the next
- Help files: include menu-path information in the GUI help file as
  well as the script commands help
- Provide a mechanism for retrieving the value and/or p-value from
  the last statistical test performed (via the special variables
  "$test" and "$pvalue" in genr)
- Perfect collinearity: try to detect this, and remove one or more
  redundant variables from the regression list if need be
- "label" command: if only a varname is given, print the variable's
  current label, if any
- "genr unit": generates an index variable for the cross-sectional
  units in a panel dataset (panel data only)
- Add "hurst" command (and GUI menu item) to compute the Hurst
  exponent (a measure of long-term persistence used by Mandelbrot)
  for a given series
- Remove unused GUI popup menu item "Simulate..."
- Updates to documentation (manual and helpfiles)

 2005-01-19 Version 1.3.1 [Back to top]
- Add new dataset structure "wizard" in place of the old dialogs for
  setting frequency, starting observation and time-series or panel
  interpretation of the data
- Add FIML and LIML estimation to system command; also add LR
  over-identification tests for these systems
- Add Hansen-Sargan over-identification test for SUR and 3SLS system
- Add "--iterate" option for estimation of systems via SUR and 3SLS
- Add "estimate" command for equation systems, and modify the
  "system" command to allow the user to define named systems
- Add gui configuration for robust standard errors options
- VAR dialog: add options for robust standard errors, and for the
  printing of impulse responses
- Add univariate kernel density estimation (under the Variable menu
  in the gui program -- no script counterpart)
- Purge the lesser-used model selection statistics, and use the
  original formulae for AIC and Schwarz's BIC
- Improve feel of data editing spreadsheet, gtk2 version
- Model dialog box: allow shifting of regressors with middle- click
  of mouse
- Add groupwise heteroskedasticity test for panel data
- Extend handling of missing observations in panel context, including
  case of unbalanced panels (to some degree)
- Fix for appending observations (built-in spreadsheet): plotting
  vars were not being automatically extended
- Fix for deleting variables: don't show the "variables have been
  renumbered" message if the only vars to be renumbered are hidden
- Fix newly introduced bug in time-series graphs: don't show two y
  axes if only one is actually used
- Fix for johansen cointegration test: don't crash if the user puts
  the const into the list of variables
- Fix bug in forecasts with standard errors, for case of missing
- Fix bug in reading of CSV files: crash if variable names were not
  found, but observation markers were found
- Add new option under Sample menu, "Transpose data" (for data that
  were read in "sideways" from, e.g., a CSV file
- Fix bug in ADF p-values for locales which do not use '.' as the
  decimal point
- Add BIC (Bayesian Information Criterion) to the list of model
  statistics that can be retrieved via genr (internal variable $bic)
- Add Baxter-King bandpass filter (bkfilt function in the "genr"
  command), thanks to Jack Lucchetti
- Add Kmenta (1986) dataset and script, for a further example of
  system estimation
- Add script to replicate Perron (1997) testing for unit roots with a
  structural break at an unknown point
- Add an emacs file, utils/emacs/gretl.el, offering an emacs major
  mode for editing and running gretl scripts.

 2004-11-15 Version 1.3.0 [Back to top]
- add "append" command, to append data to the current dataset, as in
  the gui File/Append data
- add KPSS stationarity test ("kpss" command, Jack Lucchetti)
- fix bug: data importers were accepting duplicate names for
- XLS importer: handle string formulas; fix handling of large string
  tables (SST and CONTINUE records)
- fix bug: error in printing of model selection statistics for very
  large or small values on Windows
- fix bug in running scripts from the gretl console: file was not
  closed when an error was encountered
- fix bug in Prais-Winsten estimator
- fix bug in influential observations printout, for non- English
- revamp the Dickey-Fuller test functionality, with more options,
  clearer presentation (I hope), and p-values using James MacKinnon's
  code (JAE, 1996)
- fix panel data bugs: observation strings were broken for frequency
  greater than 99, and the "panel" command did not obey the
  "cross-section" option (thanks to Mihai Nica for the report)
- frequency plot, against gamma distribution: add Locke's
  nonparametric test for the null hypothesis that the variable in
  question is gamma
- add facility to generate cross-sectional unit dummies with panel
  data ("genr unitdum")
- add facility for nesting loops and fix some loop bugs
- fix some bugs in LaTeX equation display
- fix some breakage in online help system (e.g. for boxplots)
- add support for Latin 2 characters in gnuplot graphs
- add support for compacting daily data to weekly or monthly
- add support for daily data with a 6-day week
- fix for SUR systems with differing numbers of regressors across
  equations (thanks to Jack Lucchetti)
- improve convergence of GARCH function (Jack Lucchetti)
- make tobit command robust with respect to the scale of the
  dependent variable
- add stack() function to genr command: creates a stacked series from
  a comma-separated list of series, or a range of series as in
- add a genr "special": genr markers = ... can be used to manipulate
  the observation marker strings -- details in panel.pdf
- support "genr varname[obs] = ..." for setting individual
  observations in a series
- Text/CSV data importer: handle calendar dates for non-daily data;
  handle description appended after the data
- add "vif" command to calculate Variance Inflation Factors for
  independent variables in a regression; also available in the model
  window under Tests/collinearity
- switch to St Louis Fed database as gretl "sample" database (the
  BCIH database is getting too out-of-date)
- add the Anscombe Quartet to the gretl data files
- add Mankiw, Romer, Weill (QJE, 1992) dataset and replication
  script, also Nelson and Plosser dataset
- on Windows, make EMF graphs respect the user's choice of plotting
  colors (required a modification to gnuplot)
- add option to save graphs in EMF format
- various minor gui fixes and enhancements
- update Windows version to glib 2.4.7 and gtk 2.4.13
- start adding user-defined functions
- add mechanism for customizing gretl's tex preamble

 2004-07-23 Version 1.2.9 [Back to top]
- note: 1.2.8 was just a test release
- fixes for LaTeX printing of autoregressive models
- correct Spanish help strings
- fix font problem for some objects in session window
- fix for exporting time-series data to R version 1.9
- add option to export data to PcGive .dat format (thanks to Michal
- enable TRAMO analysis of annual time-series data
- Windows version: ensure user directory gets created!  This was
  broken in gretl 1.2.6 and 1.2.7, which could produce
  strange-seeming problems.
- hccm command: ensure that the F-stat shown for the model is based
  on the robust covariance matrix; also ensure the robust F-stat is
  used when robust standard errors are selected with the ols command
- add start-up option to dump gretl configuration to a text file
  ('-c' or '--dump')
- small fixes for nonlinear least squares
- Replace fixed IP address for database server with hostname
- Fix for copying material from gretl using Ctrl-C on Windows
- Update Windows version to gtk 2.4.3 runtime
- add "restrict" command for general Wald test of linear restrictions
  on a model
- add "ok(x)" as a short synonym for "!missing(x)" in the context of
  the genr command
- change smpl behavior: restrictions now cumulate by default
- add "smpl" option: "--replace" makes a sample restriction start
  from the full dataset rather than cumulating with any previous
  restrictions (note: this was the old default)
- another new "smpl" option: "smpl 100 --random" selects 100
  observations from the dataset at random
- allow the "--robust" option to the "var" command
- fix for effect of Up/Down keys in main gretl window
- gretlcli in batch mode: pass "#"-style comments through to the
- fix HCCME bug: used way too much memory with large data sets
- add a new "set" option, "force_hc": if set to "on", then the robust
  option to ols always produces plain HC standard errors, not HAC (by
  default, HAC is used with time-series)
- profile and optimize some gretl_matrix functions
- allow specification of consecutive lags in a regressor list using a
  shortcut of the form "x(-1 to -4)"
- fix some subtle genr bugs, and some breakage in the nls command
  following earlier changes in genr

 2004-06-13 Version 1.2.7 [Back to top]
- add Italian helpfiles (thanks to Cristian Rigamonti)
- update Spanish helpfiles
- add start-up option "-e" or "--english" to force use of English
  strings when LANG would indicate translation (also recognize
  environment variable GRETL_LANG: if this is "english" or "C", run
  in English)
- allow for missing values (silent) in audio graphs
- add a few keystrokes to the main gretl window: 'a': audio (read
  list of variables) 'x': stop audio 'e': edit attributes of current
  variable 't': plot current variable
- make start-up tests for tramo and x12a less verbose
- fix bug in deletion of scalar variables from the dataset
- fix bug in built-in spreadsheet: clicking in a blank column could
  crash gretl
- fix broken behavior of built-in spreadsheet for gtk 2.0.X versions
- fix various bug and typos in documentation
- build tweaks for OS X
- make available a pre-built disk image for OS X

 2004-05-25 Version 1.2.6 [Back to top]
- add Hodrick-Prescott filter, as "hpfilt" function in the genr
- revamp xls importer: should now be substantially more robust
- begin adding experimental audio graph feature for visually impaired
- improve handling of non-ASCII characters in data files
- fixes for Spanish help files
- more fixes for build process
- GNU Octave data export: write all data as single matrix
- fix printing of "periods" in periodogram output (thanks to Tadeusz
- fix generation of periodic dummy variables for daily data (again
  thanks to Tadeusz Kufel)
- with gtk >= 2.4.0 on Linux, use the new gtk file chooser
- update the Windows gtk version to 2.4.1

 2004-05-04 Version 1.2.5 [Back to top]
- fix problem with acf and pacf calculations
- add Prais-Winsten estimator for AR1 models ("pwe" command)
- fix bugs in gretl "graph page"
- fix some translation bugs
- fix headers for compilation on Mac OS X
- fix bug in lmtest option handling
- make Excel importer a little more robust
- bug fix for saving data files with very large number of variables
  (tested with 548)
- bug fix for "diff" and "ldiff" commands with panel data in the form
  of stacked cross-sections
- plain text output: give option of copying as RTF (puts the output
  into Courier New at 9 points)
- in gui, disallow deleting variables when sub-sampled
- setobs command: be more flexible in regard to the format of the
  "startobs" field
- saving text files: try to improve handling of CR/LF
- minor fixes to model printing
- gnuplot fix: make copy-and-paste into Microsoft applications work
  again (this was broken by an MS security update of April 13, 2004)

 2004-03-30 Version 1.2.4 [Back to top]
- Add ARMAX models: ARMA with exogenous variables
- Add GARCH models, using Fiorentini-Calzolari-Panattoni approach
  (Journal of Applied Econometrics, 1996)
- Add "resample" function to genr, for bootstrapping test statistics
- Loops: allow use of a variable name rather than a number to control
  a "number of times" loop
- Fix genr bug: problem with an undefined varname in a lag context
- Fix bug: when saved via the objectname mechanism, arma models were
  appearing both as saved models and as saved text
- Fix bug: autocorrelation test from model window Tests menu was
  broken by new options mechanism
- Fix bug: "--verbose" option for Johansen test was broken
- Fix curious Windows bug: line-endings in scripts were not
  recognized in some cases
- Improve path-searching for data files
- Beef up error-checking on opening of native gretl data files
- Improve error-checking on pvalue command
- Fix for Excel importer: allow more than 16K rows
- Error-checking for new varname in genr
- Add robust standard errors/VCV for tsls command
- Allow use of wls command in a loop
- CSV import: add automatic conversion of string variables to code
- Add Three-Stage Least Squares (system type=3sls): this is still at
  the testing stage

 2004-02-24 Version 1.2.3 [Back to top]
- Add Tobit model command, with a new plugin (thanks to Jack
- Add color selector for the histogram in frequency plots
- Allow appending/merging of gretl-format data in GUI program
- Fix bug: genr was broken for some special cases of repeated
  function calls
- Fix bug: normal pvalues were being shown as zero for large
  |z-scores| > 9.0
- Fix bug: the NIST checker plugin was broken for locales that use
  ',' as decimal point
- Daily data: construct a special plotting variable so daily
  time-series can be graphed better; also allow for 4-digit years in
  daily dates (YYYY/MM/DD) on input; also fix "genr" so that dummies
  can be constructed as in "genr dum = t < 1987:10:19" (note that the
  slashes must be replaced by colons in this context)
- Text objects: in scripts and the gui console, many commands can now
  have their output diverted to a saved object (e.g. "ADF <- adf 1
  Ct"). As with models and graphs, these objects appear in the
  Session icon window, and they can be displayed and freed using
  objectname.show, objectname.free
- Make the model table available via script and gui console (new
  command "modeltab")
- Add "graph page" in session view: allows the user to create a page
  (which may then be viewed and printed) containing up to eight
  graphs (requires latex, dvips and a postscript viewer)
- Add an OLS option, "-r" or "--robust", which calls for the use of
  White's robust standard errors (HC0) in the case of cross-sectional
  data, or HAC in the case of time series data.  Details can be
  configured using the new "set" command.
- New command, "set", for configuring some program parameters via
  script or console
- Fix bug: latent problems when adding an observation to the working
- Fix bug: set the frequency and starting observation could fail when
  the local decimal point is not '.'
- Fix: make the genr functions "coeff()", "stderr()" and "vcv()" work
  to retrieve statistics from ARMA models
- Fix bug: when appending CSV data to an existing dataset, could get
  uninitialized values at the end of the series
- Allow backslash-continuation of long commands in the gui console
- Updated help files and manual

 2004-02-02 Version 1.2.2 [Back to top]
- Make AIC retrievable via genr ("genr foo = $aic")
- Fix brokenness in RTF printing/copying of ARMA models
- Add calculation of modulus and frequency for ARMA roots, and add
  printing of these to LaTeX and RTF output
- Fix bug in accessing critical values of F (Utilities menu)
- Add DFFITS values to the "influential observations" model test;
  also expand the help entry for this
- Add a little explanation of Johansen cointegration test results to
  GUI helpfile
- Fix bug: when you go to save data imported from gnumeric, the
  suggested file suffix should be changed to ".gdt"
- Fix bug: when importing data from Excel with a non-zero row offset,
  respect the offset when checking for date strings
- Fix bug: adding a variable to the built-in spreadsheet (GTK 2
  version) when there are already 6 variables shown
- Fix bug: handle quotation marks within descriptions of variables
  (XML encoding)
- Fix bug: bad behavior when you put an Excel file to open on the
  gretl command line, then cancel the import
- Fix bug: X-Y plot with "factor separation" went wrong in some cases
  (spotted by Ignacio Diaz-Emparanza)
- Fix bug: weighted least squares with a dummy variable for the
  weight crashed gretl when using QR decomposition
- Fix bug: a syntactically incorrect "genr" expression could lead to
  a crash (thanks to Steve Walesch for spotting this)
- Fix bug: set panel structure dialog very messed up in the gtk-1.2
  version of the GUI program
- Fix bug: Sorting variables by ID in the main window did not work
  correctly for more than 9 variables

 2004-01-22 Version 1.2.1 [Back to top]
- Add Cristian Rigamonti's Italian translation
- More flexible and general support for collections of data files or
  script files
- Add support for the data files from Davidson & MacKinnon,
  Econometric Theory and Methods (ETM)
- Make the NIST linear regression test suite available via a plugin
- Add ARMA model to the variable menu (plus "arma" command) (thanks
  to Jack Lucchetti)
- Fix bugs with displaying a TSLS model in the GUI program
- Fix bug in display of actual, fitted and residuals in GUI program
- Fix occasional bug in copying data to clipboard as CSV
- Add a mechanism for configuring gretl as a networked application
  under Windows
- Small fixes for data importation
- Don't overwrite CSV datafiles with gretl format data
- Add a logistic model command and menu item
- Fixes for reading of recent RATS databases (thanks to John Frain
  for a useful bug report)
- Some updates to the manual and help files
- Enhanced LaTeX equation output (thanks to Alan Isaac for the
- Fixes for several nameless bugs
- Various GUI tweaks

 2003-12-14 Version 1.2.0 [Back to top]
- add "rename" command (rename a variable)
- add "printf" command for generating formatted output
- "delete" command: add the ability to delete specified variables,
  identified by name or number
- add "eval" command: syntax as in a "genr" formula; the result of
  calculation (or retrieval) is printed then discarded, not added to
  the data set as with genr
- Replace the internal workings of "genr" so that it can calculate
  dynamically (e.g. "genr y = .6*y(-1) + u"), which in effect makes
  the "sim" command redundant
- Make principal components analysis available via the GUI
- Improve formatting of descriptive statistics output when only one
  variable is selected
- Allow adding of "influence" values (calculated by the "leverage"
  test) to the data set in the GUI program
- When adding a variable to the dataset from a model window, give the
  user a chance to edit the name and description
- Windows: add option to emulate Windows look (via WIMP)
- add "--no-restore-data" to R invocation
- Fix for launching R from gretl on Windows XP
- Improve creation of time-series datasets for use in R
- Fix problems created by tabs in the command line
- Two-stage least squares: add list of instruments to printout of
  model results; fix crashing bug in printing covariance matrix of
  coefficient estimates
- Improve the mechanism for detecting the presence of a lagged
  dependent variable in a regression list; also show the
  Durbin-Watson stat in addition to Durbin's h when a regression
  includes a lagged dependent variable
- Fix bug in graph editing for non-English locales
- genr command: add facility for using date strings in boolean
  comparisons, e.g. "genr dummy = t > 1973:4" will work for quarterly
- Allow '#' comments in loop constructions
- sim command: allow omission of starting and ending observations, to
  simulate over the full sample range; also allow the use of a minus
  sign to get the negative of a variable
- VARs: add facility to separate deterministic terms such as trend
  and dummies from the other variables in the regression list; add
  Durbin-Watson statistic to model printouts; add impulse responses
  and variance decompositions
- Improvements to data-editing spreadsheet in gtk-2.0 version
- New, improved dialogs for setting the sample range and sub-
  sampling using a dummy variable
- Add color selection to the graph editing dialog and improve the
  mechanism for selecting a graph font (only applies if gnuplot has
  the "new" PNG driver, i.e. gnuplot 3.8)
- Graphs: add option of removing the top and right border lines, if
  the graph does not have a "y2" axis
- minor fixes to the build process
- updates to gtk-1.2 GUI (make more consistent with the gtk-2.0
- Allow for renaming of saved session models and graphs in gtk2
  version of program
- Add a "lite" version of gtksourceview to the gtk2 source package
- Add recognition of dated daily data in importing from ASCII: dates
  must be like 89/12/31, i.e. YY/MM/DD
- Loops governed by a convergence criterion: set a failsafe maximum
  number of iterations, namely 250.  This can be altered by setting
  the environment variable GRETL_MAX_ITER
- Update to gcc-3.3.1 and mingw-runtime-3.2 for Windows build

 2003-10-31 Version 1.1.6 [Back to top]
- Test release for Fedora (Linux) packaging

 2003-10-24 Version 1.1.5 [Back to top]
- Updates to manual
- Gtk2 version: Make selection dialog tall enough for wls, tsls and
  ar model selections
- Model window, graph menu: if there are two independent vars, offer
  the option of a 3D fitted/actual plot
- Set sample range: in this dialog, give as default the current
  sample range, not the full data range
- When a session uses data imported from a database, be smarter on
  saving the session: ensure the script includes a command to open a
  datafile (get this saved first if need be)
- Database browser window: close this when a database is selected
- GUI model windows: allow drawing of graphs relating to model data,
  even if the sample has been changed since the model was estimated
- Model table: make a LaTeX preview available
- Windows installation: fix typo in name of uninstaller program in
  the Programs menu
- Windows version: bug fixes and enhancements for gretl_updater, and
  add a simple logging mechanism to aid in trouble-shooting
- Windows: add the ability to print a gnuplot graph directly
- ols command: add '-q' (quiet) option to suppress printing of
  results (and add notice of this to gretlcli.hlp)
- Consolidate "webget" code -- one version for all uses
- gtk2 version: replace "system()" calls with g_spawn()
- Add model selection statistics to output of adf command
- Improve recognition of dated data when importing from Excel or
- Add an error message for an attempt to run TRAMO when the sample
  size is > 600
- Fixes for reading of plot range info in graph window in non-English

 2003-10-06 Version 1.1.4 [Back to top]
- Make auto-entry of varname for sampling with dummy smarter
- Fixes for display of data values with huge datasets
- Fix to handle "weird" cases in plotting frequency distributions
- Auto-detect gnuplot's ability to use "filledcurve" style
- Translate a few untranslated strings in gtk-1.2 version
- Graph labels: make 3 labels configurable rather than just 2
- Editing gnuplot commands: fix for accented characters
- Reading CSV files: fix bug in parser for date strings
- NLS: ensure messages printed to the console are not in utf8
- Loosen up a little on "Appending" data: allow for the situation
  where the sample range for the added data is not identical to the
  original range
- Fixes for printout of fitted, actual and residual, and for
  forecasts with standard errors, in the case of missing data
- Fix to gtk2 data spreadsheet (quell warning on appending an
- Data spreadsheet: give a warning on close if there are unsaved
- Improvements to printing of data values in certain numerical ranges
- Import of CSV or plain text data: if no variable names are given,
  construct them automatically ("v1", "v2", etc.)
- 3-D plot command: fix for localized decimal point, and use rxvt to
  control gnuplot if xterm is not available

 2003-10-01 Version 1.1.3 [Back to top]
- Fix crashing bug in viewing dataset info
- Improve formatting of "influential observations" test output for
  non-English locales
- Correct the sign of the fractional integration parameter estimate
  in the periodogram command ("pergm")
- Give first-time gretl users a chance to select a gretl "user
  directory" (with ~/gretl being the default)
- Fix problem with running a script in the gretl console, when the
  script begins with comments plus blank lines
- Brighten up some menus with stock icons (gtk2 only)
- Use gtksourceview to do syntax highlighting for scripts (gtk2
  version only)
- Change function of main-window toolbar edit icon: from launch an
  external editor to start a new script
- Fix bug in meantest command: the -o flag was doing the opposite of
  what was stated in the manual
- Fix bug in built-in spreadsheet in re. adding variables or
- Ensure that the listing of variables in the main window is updated
  after running a script
- Add facility to exclude named observations with smpl command (e.g.
  smpl -r obs!="USA")
- Add "nobs()" function in genr: gives the number of valid
  (non-missing) observations for a data series
- Improve placement of observation labels on graphs
- Improvements to gnumeric data importer
- Add facility for generating 3-D data plots
- Add "import ASCII" data option

 2003-09-09 Version 1.1.2 [Back to top]
- Fix bug in time-series plot from popup menu in main window
- Fix build problem: "make install" could fail to install the GUI
  program under some conditions (thanks to Dirk Eddelbuettel for
  spotting this)
- Update the Spanish translation
- Win32 version: switch to the native Windows font selection dialog
  box (some problems were reported with the modified gtk font
  selection on win32)
- Win32 version: update to gtk 2.2.4 and pango 1.2.5
- Library: switch to using the Cephes gamma() code throughout, and
  delete some redundant code

 2003-09-07 Version 1.1.1 [Back to top]
- Graph editing: add facility to write labels onto the graph
- Graph editing: allow removal of auto-fitted OLS line
- Graph editing: allow choice of TrueType font if gnuplot supports
  this option (requires libgd and freetype)
- Add compaction method (e.g. average, sum) as an attribute of
  variables -- settable under Variable/Edit attributes
- Add "outfile" command to send output of selected commands to a
  specified file
- In importing data from a database, recognize if a variable of the
  same name is already in the working dataset
- Fix memory bug in opening remote database
- Start adding Principal Components Analysis
- Fix "pmax" bug in printing of actual, fitted and residuals
- When using "<-" save mechanism for models, preserve the model info
  so it's accessible for genr, etc.
- Fix bug in numbering of auto-generated lagged variables
- Fix bug in parsing of gnuplot { ... } special command list
- Fix bug in model table (wrong coefficient numbering)
- Fix bug: when a file is dragged onto gretl, opening the file failed
  if it has a space in its name
- configure: require correct version of GMP (>= 4.0.1)
- Fix bug: gretlcli.exe on win32 didn't find user directory
- Workaround: command-line invocation of gretlw32.exe with datafile
  could crash (I think this was a Windows bug)
- Fixes for forecast-with-errors graphs
- Fixes for "influential observations" test calculations, in extreme
- Windows version: update to gtk 2.2.3 runtime

 2003-07-23 Version 1.1.0 [Back to top]
- Extend DATAINFO structure -- allow specification of "display names"
  for variables (these are shown in graphs)
- Provide "label" command for setting the description and/or display
  name for a variable
- Add script commands for saving and displaying models and graphs
- Fix effect of sample range on the "genr" command
- Improvements to the gretl console (command history, etc.)
- Add the Johansen cointegration test to the gui menus
- Add option to use QR decomposition instead of Cholesky for
  calculating regression results
- Fix bug: periodogram command failed in batch mode
- Make uniform() PRNG generate in the standard range 0-1 (rather than
  1-100, as it was previously)
- Small modifications to path-searching
- Updates to the Spanish help files
- Activate a few missing translated strings
- Fix "sim" command so it can be used to modify just one observation
  in a given series
- Fix bugs associated with starting a dataset by importing from a
- Allow access to RATS databases via command line and scripts
- Fixes (I think) for R startup
- Clean-up: remove all wasted array elements
- Update to libtool 1.5
- Update win32 version to gtk version 2.2.2

 2003-05-26 Version 1.0.9 [Back to top]
- Add non-linear least squares ("nls" command, Levenberg- Marquandt
  algorithm from minpack, with either analytical or numerical
- Fix focus bug when editing the description for a variable in the
  gretl main window
- Add a new means of grabbing fitted values from a regression: "genr
  newname = yhat" (parallels "uhat")
- Updates to manual (includes details on new nls command)
- Spanish version: provide access to English help files as well as
- Add rudimentary scripting capacity to gnuplot command (can append
  "{ ... }" block to gretl gnuplot command, containing literal
  gnuplot command lines, each terminated with ";")

 2003-05-02 Version 1.0.8 [Back to top]
- Require lapack
- Fixes to build for Mac OS X
- Avoid duplication of "against time" in model graph menus, when time
  is included as a regressor
- Fix bugs in Find dialog
- Correct function that detects whether or not series should be
  scaled for time series graphing (case of negative values)
- Fix bug in boxplots with boolean conditions attached
- Ensure all plot windows are not resizable
- Add "leverage" command (uses lapack) to detect leverage points and
  influential observations for a given model
- Fix "diff" and "ldiff" commands for panel data sets (i.e. show
  missing values as missing)
- Fix bug in editing of varnames and labels (could get onto the wrong
  line in some cases)
- Fix gretl's startup routine for Gnu R so that it never over- writes
  the file .Rprofile
- Enhancements to Excel importer plugin (better warnings)
- Permit opening Excel or Gnumeric data from initial command- line
  invocation of gretl
- Autocorrelation test: add calculation and display of serial
  correlation-robust standard errors, if significant at the 5 per
  cent level
- Fix brokenness in saving boxplots to session file
- Refinements to CSV import function -- handle space-separated data
  with multiple/variable spaces between columns
- Fix bug in range-mean graph when there are missing values at the
  start of the data range
- Fix bug in pacf calculation and plot for long lag lengths
- Add experimental "model table" in session icon view (not submitted
  for translation yet)

 2003-04-09 Version 1.0.7 [Back to top]
- Correct the attribution of autocorrelation test (Breusch-Godfrey
  rather than Breusch-Pagan)
- Fix bug in display of remote database info line (Gtk-2.0 version)
- Use a finer step-size for Hildreth-Lu search
- In GUI program, display Hildreth-Lu plot using gnuplot
- Translate a few more untranslated strings
- Fix bug in title of residual graph
- When the user installs a local copy of a remote database, give the
  option of opening it right away
- Add "coeffsum" command: gives the sum of coefficients, and standard
  error of the sum, for selected independent variables in a given
- Modify the White's test function, so that it doesn't fall over when
  a variable and its square are among the original regressors
- Fix drag and drop of data files and script files from desktop or
  file manager onto the main gretl window
- Add drag and drop of data series from a database window into the
  main gretl window (i.e. into the current data set)
- Add general time-series data compaction function (under Sample
- Fix various memory-usage bugs revealed by port to Mac OS X
- Fix installation of bcih database so that it works on big- endian
  machines too

 2003-03-16 Version 1.0.6 [Back to top]
- minor adjustment to model print output formatting
- fix for correlogram graph (was incompatible with older gnuplot)
- fix a couple of minor gretlcli bugs
- add (optional) LAPACK support for various "advanced" features
- fix time-series attributes of data9-1, data9-10
- prevent normal random generator from outputting NaNs
- fix bug with use of "store" command in a loop, in GUI program
- fix translation problems that disabled some menus when not shown in
- fix translation problem that caused a crash when trying to save
  data under a different name in non-English versions on Linux
- add new commands, "system" (supports SUR) and "coint2" (Johansen
  trace test for cointegration)
- add robust LM test for use with adding/omitting variables in
  relation to a model estimated using hccm
- permit comments starting with '#' on first line of script
- change to Mersenne Twister for gretl's PRNG, and supply the
  Marsaglia test suite for the PRNG in the gretl source package
- make correlogram and periodogram functions more robust in the face
  of weird data

 2003-02-20 Version 1.0.5 [Back to top]
- fix missing translations; fix build of rpm
- add support for Gujarati textbook data files

 2003-02-19 Version 1.0.4 [Back to top]
- add sst() function in genr for Total Sum of Squares of a variable
- fix bug in genr: a long genr command could overflow the space
  allocated for variable labels
- fix bugs in graphing: "non-standard" graphs could cause problems
  including crashes
- fix bug in coefficient printing: sometimes values were being
  truncated at 5 figures
- when dataset is sub-sampled, add dialog offering option to restore
  full data range before saving data
- add recognition of environment variables GRETL_PNG_GRAPH_FONT and
  GRETL_PNG_GRAPH_FONT_SIZE (e.g. "verdana" and "8") for generation
  of PNG graphs when gnuplot is linked to gd, and gd has TrueType
  font support enabled
- The sample data files selector and practice scripts selector now
  offer a tabbed collection of the available sets of files, and the
  associated menu items are simplified
- Replace Box-Pierce statistic with Ljung-Box throughout, and revamp
  the correlogram graph
- Add several configuration options to the tramo/seats plugin
- update libtool to 1.4.3 and autoreconf
- raise library revision number to 4

 2003-02-04 Version 1.0.3 [Back to top]
- Add PNG graphs to win32 version, and standardize on PNG graphs for
  all display including graph editing
- Add facility to identify labeled data-points in a scatter plot
- further fix to pathnames with .Rprofile for win32
- LaTeX view: fix for dvi file living in a directory with spaces in
  its name on win32
- Add option to copy as LaTeX or RTF for the various "Model data"
  windows (e.g. forecasts with standard errors)
- Reorganize management of win32 registry entries
- Add tramo/seats for win32 version, and make tramo support the
  default for Linux
- In window displaying a single data, add menu options to show the
  series sorted, to graph the variable, and to format the data values
  to a specified number of significant digits or decimal places
- Fix bug in command echo for "store" and a few others
- Add selector for variables to be saved when doing "Save as" or
- Add facility to browse for programs under the Preferences, General,
  Programs tab
- Add facility to copy data to clipboard as CSV
- Update win32 version to gtk version 2.2.0
- Bring various details of the gtk-1.2 build in line with the gtk-2.0
- Add configuration option to avoid libreadline dependency
  ("--without-readline") and build the gretl rpm without readline
- Updates to manual
- Raise shared library revision number to 3

 2002-12-09 Version 1.0.2 [Back to top]
- generalize support for X-12-ARIMA to gtk-1.2 version, and win32
  version (TRAMO/SEATS proving is more difficult)
- make x-12-arima support the configure default, if the x12a binary
  is found
- add installation script for tramo program (in utils)
- make range-mean graph editable via gui
- fix utf8/character encoding issue with editing gnuplot commands and
  sending the commands to gnuplot
- fix bug in test for balanced panel and reading of panel structure
- panel models: implement a valid autocorrelation test, and make the
  ARCH test unavailable
- fix bug in generating lagged variables with panel data
- put a limit of 1024 on the number of forecasts that can be called
  for, in the "forecast with standard errors" routine (could exhaust
  virtual memory)
- add menu item to restructure a panel data set from stacked
  cross-section to stacked time series
- create data set using internal spreadsheet: fix bug in the setting
  of date strings
- fix bug in invocation of GNU R under Windows (needed to replace "\"
  with "/" in paths for use by Rgui.exe)

 2002-11-27 Version 1.0.1 [Back to top]
- fix to configure script in re. glib-2.0
- fix missing name of dependent var in gui mpols printout
- remove RTF and LaTeX items from mpols copy options (not yet
  implemented) in gui2
- fix bug in saving gnuplot commands to file
- updates to updater function in gui program (both gui and gui2)
- add rudimentary plugin support for TRAMO and X-12-ARIMA
  (experimental, and disabled by default)
- fix font encoding for postscript graphs in gtk-1.2 version of
  gretl_x11 (also make postscript graphs in color by default)
- fix bug in automatic generation of lags for regression (the command
  was not getting recorded properly in the log file)
- fix bug in model printout when F() is undefined (line-break was
- fix bug in LaTeX output when a coefficient equals zero
- make "sim" command available in loops (and update docs)
- raise "revision" number of *nix library

 2002-11-15 Version 1. [Back to top]
- change *nix library name to libgretl-1.0
- improve sizing of some windows
- incorporate new translations
- update appearance of gtk-1.2 version of gui
- fix the stats available in connection with a LAD model
- open the champagne (hope this is not premature!)

 2002-11-06 Version 1. (for tr [Back to top]
- fix bug in progress bar when loading large data set
- fix bad "smpl -r" bug in gretlcli
- add Ramsey's RESET test (command "reset")
- improve consistency of editing commands
- more translation fixes
- small LaTeX output fixes
- fix gnuplot PNG output for gnuplot version 3.8
- fix encoding for gnuplot postscript output under NLS
- fix pango encoding issue for gnuplot axis label strings
- fix gnuplot "keyspec" bug
- add auto-scaling of gui windows if the user has selected a large
- add printing of rho (used in quasi-differencing) to LaTeX output
  for corc and hilu models
- enhanced support for Wooldridge data files
- add "-t" flag to print command: print variables to ten significant
- improve saving of scalar variables, and documentation of same
- updates to full manual
- make names and labels for monthly and quarterly dummies more

 2002-10-10 Version 1. [Back to top]
- improve accuracy of calculation of standard errors, and numerical
  accuracy on MS Windows in general
- make gretl databases installable in user directory as well as
  system database directory
- make console output scroll to cursor in gtk2 version
- fix more translation issues
- fix bug in normality chi-square test for large n
- fix bug that prevented CUSUM plot from displaying
- fix normality of residual test: print to model window was
- fix translation issue in LaTeX print of equation
- backport fix for impulse plot to gtk-1.2 version
- fix bug at exit of gretlcli with "quit" and no filename
- fixes for bugs in gnumeric file reader
- fixes for Excel reader -- handle missing obs and Far East info
- fix for gretlcli under NLS: ensure that the translations come out
  in the local encoding, not utf-8
- remove Gtk 2.0 right click menu on text windows
- update translations and integrate the French translation

 2002-09-20 Version 1. (pre1 w [Back to top]
- add range-mean graph option to GUI Variable menu, and as new
  command "rmplot"
- add retrievable variable $pd = data periodicity
- add min() and max() functions to the functions available for use
  with the "genr" command
- add Least Absolute Deviations regression ("lad" command)
- fix bugs in saving output to named file, in both gretlcli and gui
- fix bug in boxplots for languages other than English
- fix error in df in sample script ps4-2.inp
- fix translation of date strings in gretl output
- linux: move plugins to ${prefix}/lib/gretl
- gnome 2.0: use gconf apparatus
- gtk 2.0: fix remove/add toolbar breakage; change name of program
  back to "gretl" and "gretl_x11" (not "gretl2", "gretl2_x11")
- revamp and internationalize TeX and RTF printing functions
  including those for summary stats and correlation matrix
- make TeX format available for all model windows
- remove HTML print/copy options: can't maintain four formats with

 2002-08-25 Version 0.999 [Back to top]
- add support for gtk 2.0 and gnome 2.0
- enhanced gui with gtk 2.0
- add "make check" target to test against the NIST reference data
  files for numerical accuracy
- improve support for building on win32
- bug fixes in boxplot functions
- always show 6 significant figures for coefficient estimates and
  standard errors in regression output
- numerous NLS/translation fixes, improvements
- NLS translation of TeX model results
- bug fixes for Excel importer
- reorganization of gui source files
- fix bug in random variable generation in gui
- add support for data files from Jeffrey Wooldridge's econometrics
- scrap ugly overloading of "clear_model" function
- fix miscellaneous bugs revealed by valgrind
- raise library version to 16.0.0

 2002-07-09 Version 0.998 [Back to top]
- increment library version to 15.0.0
- update Spanish translations
- fixes to RPM build process
- switch to more accurate (cephes) algorithms for p-values
- add materials for building gretl on win32
- try to support LC_NUMERIC conversion automagically
- add option to Preferences to enable/disable localized LC_NUMERIC
- fix listings of recently opened files on menus under NLS
- fix up formatting of fitted/residual printout
- activate translations of "session" popup menus
- extend LaTeX menu for models with choice of saving as full document
  or tex fragment for inclusion in document
- correct over-eager rejection of some variable names in data files
  ("c" and "C")
- recompile gretl_updater.exe with new zlib dll
- fixes to graph editing (this got broken by NLS changes)

 2002-05-28 Version 0.997 [Back to top]
- increment library version to 14.0.1
- NLS fixes: disable "foreign" LC_NUMERIC for the present; gnuplot
  graphs should work now; some missing translations are activated;
  minor formatting improvements
- screen scalars out of variable list in graph selection dialogs
- ensure appropriate headers are included in workbook.c
- enable daily data in gretl databases
- fix bug in daily calendar (printed dates wrong at end of some
- portability fixes to configure script

 2002-05-24 Version 0.996 [Back to top]
- Raise library version to 14.0.0
- closing a session clears the selector dialog presets
- fix bug with scalar data and the data-editing spreadsheet
- revert boxplots to the older selection dialog (so user can add
  boolean conditions)
- Regressions: print warning when data matrix is close to singularity
- add Gnu Multiple Precision plugin for running multiple precision
  OLS regressions (unix only, so far)
- Add Spanish translations and make enabling NLS the default
- Try to fix the win32 GUI font for high-res monitors
- tweaks to the configure script
- updates to the help files and manual

 2002-05-15 Version 0.995 [Back to top]
- Raise library version to 13.0.0
- numerous small updates to facilitate internationalization
- give the user a choice of delimiters (comma, space or tab) when
  importing or exporting "CSV" data
- strengthen checks on invalid variable names in data files
- improve recognition of scalars versus vectors in genr
- fix bug in Create Dataset: undated data appeared as "annual"
- add descriptive report on dataset to Data menu
- fix bug in writing Utilities/R session: R data set was being
  written in wrong (CSV) format
- fix bug: datafile name was not being cleared on Close Session
- refinements to Makefiles: don't expand CFLAGS multiple times
- handle spaces in filenames when stacking the "open" command
- fix bugs with editing gnuplot graphs
- get win32 LaTeX view working properly
- bugfixes for gnumeric and excel spreadsheet importers
- bugfix: unitialized data in cointegration test with constant
- add new, improved dialog box for specifying models, etc.
- remove all system() calls on win32
- switch to a more "standard" (I think) presentation of WLS
- fix some subtle bugs with the genr() function (scalars versus
  vectors in conjunction with sub-sampled data)
- add checks for illegal variable names when importing from CSV,
  Excel and Gnumeric

 2002-04-21 Version 0.994 [Back to top]
- fix bugs in win32 copy to clipboard
- fix RTF printing of correlation matrix
- fix bug in genr (generating a scalar when data set is sub- sampled)
- fix bug: editing periodogram graph using GUI
- partially update docs
- distinguish between $T (number of obs used in last model) and $nobs
  (number of obs in current sample range) in genr expressions
- fix bug in gnuplot PNG display for remote X sessions
- add configure option "--disable-png-graphics" to revert to
  old-style behaviour of gnuplot in case of problems
- remove upwanted dependency on libgcc_s in Red Hat binary rpm
- update versions of gtk and glib for win32
- fix build problems revealed by the Debian package build

 2002-04-15 Version 0.993 [Back to top]
- add option to specify lag order in autocorrelation test; also add
  Box-Pierce and Ljung-Box stats to test output
- fix brokenness in Excel importer on win32
- fixes to setmiss command (console and script modes)
- enable pop-up menu for all gnuplot graphs under Linux/unix; also
  add facility to print graphs directly under gnome, and to zoom
  graphs on X11 display
- make DVI viewer configurable and make "latex view" functions work
  on win32
- add inclusive inequality operators '>=' and '<=' to genr
- fix bug in genr: operator priority was not being fully respected in
  all cases
- fix bug in Replace function for script edit window
- fix bug that crept in, in reading old-format data files
- fix bug: possible loss of precision when writing data file
- fix bug in statistical reportage with weighted least squares, when
  the weight is not a dummy, but has some zero values
- add if, else, endif flow control for scripting
- add noecho command to suppress echo of commands in script output
- modify "print" command to support printing of string literals
- add menu item to find a variable in the main window
- improve context help in script windows
- extend LaTeX printing of models to Cochrane-Orcutt and Hildreth- Lu
- add edit/print taskbar to more windows

 2002-04-01 Version 0.992 [Back to top]
- bounds checking for critical values look-up; also add this as a
  regular gretlcli command, "critical"
- add sanity checks for regression commands and ADF test
- add importer plugins for Gnumeric and Excel workbooks
- add "Append data" menu item
- fix bug in "Create data set" functions

 2002-03-20 Version 0.991 [Back to top]
- fix several "out of bounds" bugs kindly reported by Tavis Barr
- streamline the online help system
- in GUI, allow deletion of any variable (popup menu)
- go to a two-dimensional data array
- get the data status indicator working better when the nulldata
  command is used
- add menu items to set missing value codes for a particular series
  or the entire data set, and add "setmiss" command
- changing or clearing the data set now closes all model and stats
  windows (prevents crashes and garbage)
- add scalar datatype
- add progress indicator for reading/writing large data files
- add a refresh to the remote databases window after down- loading
  and installing a database
- add handling for daily data (probably needs more work)
- update to gnuplot 3.7.2 in win32 distribution
- prepare the program sources for internationalization via GNU
  gettext; add a blank .pot file to the source package

 2002-02-27 Version 0.99 [Back to top]
- add option for HTTP proxy when contacting gretl data server
- fix bugs in drag and drop under Windows
- fix crashing bug when trying to save a data file with over (about)
  120 variables
- fix bug in editing new data header info
- add mechanism to record sample when estimating a model, so that
  subsequent tests on that model can be referred to the same sample
- add "native" printing of window contents under win32 and gnome
- enhance boxplots command, allowing for boolean expressions to limit
  the sample for individual plots in a comparative group of plots
- add editing toolbar to editable windows with search/replace and
- add context help (click on a command and press the "?" button) for
  the edit command script window
- correct typos in supplied data files data3-2 and data8-3
- add "critical" command (gretl console and GUI script mode only), to
  print critical values for a selected distribution
- add pvalue() function to the set of options available under the
  genr command
- improve handling of scripts opened in the GUI (including a prompt
  to save before running if changes have been made)

 2002-02-11 Version 0.98 [Back to top]
- fig bug affecting frequency distributions and the test for
  normality of residuals
- improve functionality relating to saving of data files
- fix some build problems
- add more functionality to boxplots
- several fixes and enhancements to "session" mechanism
- better handling of empty data header info
- substantial code cleanups in the interest of adding API
- allow copying LaTeX equation representation of models to clipboard;
  also improve the typsetting of these
- change default user directory to ~/gretl under unix
- add option to make cwd rather than userdir the default for file
  opening and saving
- Change the default data format to XML (optionally gzipped) but
  retain backward compatibility with old ascii data format
- add dependency on libxml (dll suplied for win32)
- switch from ".dat" to ".gdt" as default filename extension for
  gretl datafiles (but add option to GUI to use ".dat")
- changing to storing data header info in buffer rather than using
  repeated file I/O
- add search/replace dialog to window for editing scripts; also
  Edit/Paste menu choice and choice of fixed font
- add drag and drop support for datafiles under win32, register the
  .gdt suffix for gretl datafiles, and add an icon for these files

 2001-12-14 Version 0.97 [Back to top]
- fix breakage of var command in GUI
- add facility to draw boxplots
- add various formats to copy of models to clipboard (HTML, RTF,
- enable LaTeX and RTF copying for correlation matrix and summary
  statistics windows
- Add the LMF statistic (Kiviet, 1986) for the autocorrelation LM
- Add prompt to save data on exit, if the data set has been changed
  or newly constructed
- Fixes to BOX1 datafile reading function
- small fixes to display of databases
- revert behavior in case of taking logs of series with non- positive
  values (i.e. fail gracefully)
- add initial gnome support
- convert manual to SGML (DocBook) and update
- support directory names with spaces (yuck) under win32
- under win32, use registry instead of system-wide config file
  libgretl.cfg and per-user gretl.rc; also use native win32 dialog
  boxes for more functions
- add check for GRETL_HOME environment variable
- make gnuplot command configurable under Preferences (meant for
- add a menu bar to the spreadsheet window

 2001-07-26 Version 0.96 [Back to top]
- update to gtkextra version 0.99.16
- fix bug in Preferences/Toolbar entries

 2001-07-17 Version 0.95 [Back to top]
- update to gtkextra version 0.99.15
- fix crash bug on opening a saved "session"
- fix bug that broke the "run" command on win32

 2001-06-14 Version 0.94 [Back to top]
- make "false" the default for the automatic gretl update query on
- catch errors in ar, tsls and scatters commands due to insufficient

 2001-05-11 Version 0.93 [Back to top]
- fix problem with printing of actual, fitted and residual in the
  case of a binary dependent variable
- CVS data export: put quote marks around the dates or observation
  marker strings

 2001-04-23 Version 0.92 [Back to top]
- library version goes to 6.0.0
- fixes to pprintf() function
- add "pooled OLS" model command and panel diagnostics test (fixed
  effects and random effects models)
- various fixes suggested by lclint
- fix bug with zero return from, e.g., auxreg() when there's an error
  and the return should be non-zero
- fix bug: logs command in script mode producing spurious error
- fix bug: when starting a new data set from a gretl database,
  datainfo->markers was not set to 0, which could produce a crash
- add options for compacting data when adding a higher-frequency
  series from a database to the working data set

 2001-04-03 Version 0.91 [Back to top]
- library version goes to 5.0.0
- Disable saving anything other than native data file with extension
  ".dat" (safety measure)
- Make backup of data file when saving under same name
- Further improvements/fixes to gnuplot graphing routines
- Add option to edit plot commands directly, for a graph saved as a
  session icon
- GNU R: save cross-sectional data as a "dataframe"
- Remove the "with controls" gnuplot menu items: edit plots via the
  session window instead
- Institute consistent file dialogs: using gtkextra under X, and
  native Microsoft dialogs under Windows
- Bug fix in pprintf() function

 2001-03-28 Version 0.90 [Back to top]
- Raise version number to 0.90 reflecting fact that the feature set
  for version 1.0 is now complete
- Raise library version to 4.0.0 due to changed interfaces
- Bugfixes and improvements for built-in spreadsheet
- Make more statistics accessible under model data menu
- try to auto-detect script versus data file, when given one program
  argument and no flag
- add gretl_model_new() to lib
- cleanups in library code and headers
- enable frequency plot graphs in console mode
- add command-line options (for GUI program) to open a gretl database
  on start-up.
- add "t" facility to genr (can say, e.g., "genr dum = t>1979.4" for
  quarterly data, without previously generating t).
- add "for loop" facility with auto index variable
- auto-save changes to scripts in file viewer windows before running
- TODO: manual is not fully updated yet

 2001-03-16 Version 0.70 [Back to top]
- Changed a few library interfaces, and so raised the library version
  number (now 3.0.0)
- update manual (please consult it on the new options below)
- add sub-sampling based on a boolean condition (smpl -r)
- make it possible to restore full sample after sub-sampling based on
  a dummy variable or boolean condition
- add graphing option: scatter of Y against X, with the Y values
  colored differently depending on value of a given dummy
- suppress echo of varnames in commands (e.g. summary) where a full
  list of vars is constructed automatically
- improve mechanism for adding/deleting files from "recent files"
  lists, and add list for command files
- improvements to numerical format in printing of data series
- fix a couple of graphing bugs (impulse plots not working, frequency
  plot against gamma distribution wrong)
- fix precedence of boolean operators in genr expressions ("&" comes
  before "|", but both of these come after "<", ">" and "="), and add
  "!=" operator
- mods to gtk items: disallow resizing of dialog boxes, make clist
  titles passive
- fix "on exit" bug if several models estimated and not all have
  associated saved commands
- fix memory bug when switching datasets
- fix issues with displaying data, with very large datasets

 2001-03-04 Version 0.69 [Back to top]
- change one library interface to permit error box if gnuplot command
  fails (and so raise library version number)
- bugfix: after running lmtest for non-linearity, the wrong degrees
  of freedom were being shown, not in the auxiliary regression
  window, but in the test summary appended to the model for which the
  lmtest was run
- bugfix: with a genr command from the GUI, even if it was erroneous
  it was being copied into the command log
- bugfix: parsing of genr expression without fully explicit
  parentheses failed under some circumstances
- bugfix: multiple scatterplots did not display under MS Windows
- bugfix: doing add/omit in GUI did not update the model used as the
  default for coeff() and such in genr commands
- console: improve/fix recall of mistyped command using the up arrow
  key; respond to typing only at the prompt
- genr: add '&', '|' and '!' logical operators
- add program icon for X11

 2001-02-26 Version 0.68 [Back to top]
- fix functions associated with opening datafiles
- fix brokenness in logging of commands to script
- "remember" models generated via GUI so that genr functions such as
  coeff() work properly
- make Save/Export data menu items more compact
- Fix bug in (not) setting file extensions in some file "save"
- Small improvements to "gretl console"

 2001-02-21 Version 0.67 [Back to top]
- cleanups in datafile writing routines (avoid excessive trailing
  zeros in data)
- make search in list boxes wrap
- fix bug: user configuration of toolbar had no effect
- fix bug: if a var is duplicated in list of regressors, gretlcli
- fix infelicity: if a var is duplicated in regressor list, gui
  displayed blank model window along with error message
- fix bug: "gretl website" entry on toolbar under unix/Linux worked
  only if netscape was already running

 2001-02-15 Version 0.66 [Back to top]
- add string search to listing of Ramanathan data files
- add "plugin" for looking up critical values of statistics
- add a toolbar (partly configurable under Preferences)
- fix to deletion of auto-generated plotting vars
- add option to view confidence intervals for coefficients (under
  Model data menu in model window)
- add the Ramanathan practice file ps2-1.inp

 2001-02-06 Version 0.65 [Back to top]
- fix crashing bug in adding data to dataset from model window
- update bundled gtkextra to release 0.99.13
- various "internal" bugfixes and cleanups
- minor fixes to graphing routines, datafile saving

 2001-02-02 Version 0.64 [Back to top]
- add tooltips to show full path of previously-opened files
- get "previous files" list working on win32
- minor improvements to file listing routines
- add (optional) sampling distribution graph to test calculator
- add -m (impulses) flag to gnuplot command
- fixes to auto-update mechanism (plus add documentation)

 2001-01-26 Version 0.63 [Back to top]
- add gretl manpage
- add p-value finder to GUI
- add "hypothesis test calculator" to GUI
- fix error in normal batch p-value function

 2001-01-15 Version 0.62 [Back to top]
- allow comment lines starting with '#' in input files
- allow estimation of a model with df = zero
- add CUSUM (parameter stability) test for OLS models
- fix to path reading for win32 (spaces in path)
- fixes to difference of means test, difference of variance test, for
  situation where sample lengths are different
- small fixes to manual

 2000-12-09 Version 0.61 [Back to top]
- fix to configure process for gtkextra

 2000-12-08 Version 0.60 [Back to top]
- various fixes to distribution files
- change default user dir to $HOME/.gretl
- fixes to icon file selector
- basic link to GNU R
- revise PDF manual
- revise "scatters" command (multiple scatterplots) and add to gui
- add read/write of gzip-compressed data files (see store command)
- move descriptions of data files and practice scripts into separate
  files (no longer hard-coded into gretl)
- add new data files from Ramu Ramanathan
- update to gtkextra version 0.99.12
- add installer program for win32
- fix context help bug
- renaming of various components (library is now libgretl, cli
  program is now gretlcli, some directories have been renamed)

 2000-11-24 Version 0.50 [Back to top]
- MS Windows-only, was not really released

 2000-11-18 Version 0.40 [Back to top]
- add critical value to printout of correlation matrix
- add capacity to read gretl databases from remote server
- add built-in data decompression with zlib
- rename exported library functions, avoiding leading underscore
- add libtool versioning

 2000-11-03 Version 0.32 [Back to top]
- Add capacity to read BOX1-format data files
- Add lists of recently opened files to file menus
- fix various bugs connected with "session" concept
- fix gtkextra headers bug in make process

 2000-10-20 Version 0.31 [Back to top]
- add gamma distribution to pvalue command
- fix some more bugs
- hush gtk warnings in win32 version

 2000-10-15 Version 0.30 [Back to top]
- introduce experimental "session" idea
- update manual
- add "pergm" (periodogram) command.  Also see "Spectrum" under the
  GUI Variable menu
- add maxlag parameter to corrgm command; also add printing of
  Box-Pierce Q stat, and partial autocorrelations
- fix up "delete" command ("insufficient args" bug)
- clean up gnuplot background code for gnuplot controller
- delete extra variables after chow test
- minor fixes to LaTeX printing
- use proper pointers to keep track of multiple windows
- add "max p-value" statement to regression printout
- put back Durbin-Watson printout line for hccm, tsls
- fix inconsistency with docs in setting of the break point for the
  Chow test
- more fixes to csv file reading
- bug fix in freq plot after freq print
- update sample label when excluding missing obs
- update iconfilesel and gtksheet to gtk+extra-0.99.11
- configure: use installed gtkextra if available
- substantial code cleanups and speedups in GUI.

 2000-06-14 Version 0.2i [Back to top]
- improve consistency in GUI w.r.t. opening of data files and
- update manual and help files
- add "delete" command (trash last variable)
- fix potential data files paths bug
- fix hsk bug (aux regression could fail silently)
- add some data files from William Greene's book
- add "while" syntax to command loop mechanism (useful for iterated
  least squares -- tested on Greene's example 11.3 of nonlinear
  estimation). See manual.
- fix sample-length bug in add, omit
- some more informative error messages from genr
- activate "add" and "omit" for logit, probit
- make covariance matrix available for logit, probit
- add more error trapping for "add"
- code cleanup in compare.c
- can capture log-likelihood in genr with "$lnl" after logit, probit

 2000-06-09 Version 0.2h [Back to top]
- add estimation of logit and probit models and update manual
- fixes to "configure" script (gtk, termcap, paths.h) after
  compilation on HPUX
- eslclient creates user dir if it doesn't exist
- add (experimental) "parenthesizer" for genr expressions
- rearrange "summary" output
- rename Windows dll
- fix bug in "fcast" command

 2000-06-01 Version 0.2g [Back to top]
- "smpl -o" drops all observations with missing values
- binary datafiles can be saved in single or double precision (-s or
  -o flags)
- Binary datafile saving added to GUI
- Can add case markers from file to an open data set
- allow for a comment line at the top of a database .idx file (and
  display it in GUI)
- code cleanups
- delete redundant stuff
- improve some string handling functions
- fix win32 path-searching bug?

 2000-05-24 Version 0.2f [Back to top]
- updates to manual
- add handler for Penn World Table
- improve handling of native databases
- reformat some output
- add % operator in genr
- add -o flag to "smpl" command for sampling via a dummy variable
- GUI: where appropriate, clicking on a var in the main window will
  pop its ID # into an open dialog box.
- add fcasterr to GUI, and improve graphing of forecasts
- move setobs from Data to Sample menu
- add "Gretl console" to GUI (under File menu) and update manual
- add to path-searching for datafiles called from scripts (include
  the script dir in the search)

 2000-05-10 Version 0.2e [Back to top]
- minor changes to GUI menus
- add xpm icon for X
- correct printout of t-stats for AR coefficients
- correct wasteful malloc in xpxxpy function
- better printout for F-statistic
- add discussion of NIST reference datasets to manual
- add NIST datasets to package
- add some error-checking and reporting for datafile opening
- various fixes to "genr"
- search for libesl.cfg in dir where executable resides (win32,
  Dirk's idea)
- improve handling of constants in corr, corrgm
- fix error messages from corc_hilu
- rename eslclnt.exe as eslclient.exe (win32)
- fix paths in win32 (helpfile and executable, for rerunning

 2000-05-05 Version 0.2d [Back to top]
- improvements to manual
- fix wrong error message for zero weight var in wls
- explicit check for degeneracy in figuring summary stats
- add median(), var(), cov() to functions in genr
- add "spearman" command (rank correlation)
- add "runs" command (runs test for randomness)
- fix bug in calculation of rho hat
- fix lengths of series created by diff, etc, in relation to smpl

 2000-05-01 Version 0.2c [Back to top]
- add setobs command
- add seed command
- manual: add section on panel data, improve "genr" section
- more CSV bugfixes
- make adf, coint commands more informative
- add "paneldum" (for panel data) to genr command

 2000-04-28 Version 0.2b [Back to top]
- add fcasterr command
- many fixes in response to comments from Ramu Ramanathan and Dirk
- improve Makefiles
- bugfix in binary datafile handling
- update manual

 2000-04-22 Version 0.2a [Back to top]
- add arch, sim and multiply commands
- many bugfixes after running numerous test files
- further code cleanups
- improvements in printing forecasts
- fix memory leaks

 2000-04-14 Version 0.2 [Back to top]
- many fixes for greater consistency with esl
- printout improvements
- internal code cleanups
- bug fixes (notably for CSV file handling)

 2000-04-05 Version 0.1z [Back to top]
- add a gui controller for gnuplot graphs
- many bugfixes
- reorganize (simplify) command-line arguments
- more updates to documentation

 2000-03-27 Version 0.1y [Back to top]
- improvements and bugfixes to CSV file handling
- improvements to "add" and "omit" commands
- add "coint" command (cointegration test)

 2000-03-23 Version 0.1x [Back to top]
- many small bugfixes
- add GNU autoconf apparatus for configuring/compiling
- updates to documentation

 2000-02-29 Version 0.1w [Back to top]
- fixes to build process
- add iconic file selector
- add "export CSV" function
- bug fixes to database reading routines

 2000-02-22 Version 0.1v [Back to top]
- add White's standard errors (hccm command)
- update help files
- Make model stats (e.g. ess) available for adding to data set in
  gui, under Model data menu.
- Add option to display values of selected variables, as well as
- Fix pvalue in command-line client so that it does not act
  interactively when supplied with all params on the command line.
- Add facility to edit the full data header (.hdr) file in gretl
  (under Data menu).
- Activate the "Add observation" feature in ssheet; add a similar
  "Insert Observation" option.  Minimal testing so far.
- Fix (I think) bug in setup of new spreadsheet data set.
- Give "infobox" feedback when importing database series.

 2000-02-13 Version 0.1u [Back to top]
- save data files in GNU Octave format
- updates to documentation

 2000-02-08 Version 0.1t [Back to top]
- gretl adopted as GNU program
- add context-sensitive help for command dialogs
- add file, save for model output windows
- add search facility for help file, database windows

 2000-02-02 Version 0.1s [Back to top]
- Fixes to Makefiles
- Improvements to loop mode (Monte Carlo simulations)

 2000-01-31 Version 0.1r [Back to top]
- Initial public release